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Create dynamic QR codes

Create and manage dynamic/recyclable QR codes for your business and customers. Download your QRs both in vector or bitmap version.

Design your QR codes

Add a logo to your QR codes and much more. Personalize graphically your landing pages, create templates and perform batch actions.

Track your QR code campaigns

Check and export from your dashboard your QR code campaign success. Need more? connect any Google Analytics profile to your uQR.me QR codes.

More than +90.000 brands trust in uQR.me:

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Dynamic QR codes generator

Update/change the URL address behind your QR codes, after being printed. There is no limit in redirects you can do per month.


Track QR codes and get reports

Know how many times a QR code was scanned, when, where (city/country) and device OS. Download reports in PDF or Excel.


Slick dashboard to ease your life

Easily and fast. Create, manage, update, design QR codes and download reports of your campaigns in about minutes.

ON/OFF redirecting page

Display your visitors a quick branded message from you before being redirected to the content. Or simply turn it off to skip it.


Design your QR codes

Easily insert a logo to your QR codes, change its colors, round its borders and more.
Export QRs in SVG, EPS and PNG.


Smart QR code redirection

Send your QR code visitors to the right content, depending on their device OS. This is awesome for App downloading!

Bulk creation + batch actions

Save time bulk creating dynamic QR codes, designing graphic templates for landing pages, and other batch processes.


Custom permalinks and URLs

Personalize your QR code permalinks (es: /bluberry-coupon). Customize QR URLs to mask it with your own domain.


Advanced features + G. Analytics

Redirect your QRs to any online content, create mobile pages, attach files, vCards, Google maps, Paypal QRs and more. Connect your QRs to GA.

Some words about uQR.me

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    Mari SmithSocial Media Leader
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    Chandler John
  • "You have been wonderfully helpful! Thank you so much for helping us get our QR’ing on Track! =)"
    Nanci StevensVP Sales & Marketing
  • "uQR.me is the best; it’s very user friendly and the support team is second to none!"
    Megan HartridgeInteractive Marketing - Digital Art School
  • "Create a unique QR code where you can easily change or update the code’s content any time you want."
    Cindy KingDirector of Editorial at Social Media Examiner.

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