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4 tips for Dynamic QR coupons: Safer, better, newer

The latest, more profitable way of reaching the costumers.

Who doesn’t like getting a coupon?

Everyone benefits from them: costumers gladly pay less, and on the business’ hand, coupons are a great way of encouraging sales.
But, we should also take into account the negative aspects of coupons. For example, have you ever thought that with the printing of hundreds of coupons lots of trees are cut down? Each time you print a different coupon for each season, holiday, etc. more and more trees need to be cut; but if you chose to print one dynamic QR code to be directed to a coupon, you can change the link or page to which you direct it’s content, without having to print different coupons each time. In a way, they could be called recyclable!

That’s why we provide you with some reasons on why dynamic QR codes’ coupons are the best possible way of improving the coupons system:

  1. First of all, as we said, paper coupons people need to cut from magazines can be forged. But, hey! not coupons as links of dynamic QR codes. These coupons can’t be forged, as you can have control over every QR code made in the chosen QR code generator. This would be an enormous advantage for companies, who wouldn’t have to worry about that particular concerning issue.
  2. Another point to be taken into consideration is the accessibility and facilitation that QR code generators, provide your company. What does this mean? It means, that once you create your dynamic QR code, you can choose what content and how you want to personalize it, as, for example, you can create your coupon either by using directly the Leaf ( landing page) or, by attaching images of coupons to the dynamic QR code via our FILE feature. Of course, if you have any doubt and need a tailor made job you can explore our custom projects page. Dynamic QR codes coupons are also trackable, so you can follow the performance of each QR code, analyze which segment of the market you should address and future marketing campaigns.
  3. We also talked about the environmental issue the printing of coupons causes. Trees cut down, leading to deforestation. Having your coupons as dynamic QR codes not only is good for the Planet, but it also shows the costumers your brands interest on preserving the Earth, leading a better brand’s image. The content of a dynamic QR code can be changed whenever you please, so there is no need to print different coupons for each time of the year, or holiday, just change the link to which you directed it. Of course, the codes also need to be printed, but imagine, both, how many money you would save in not having to print such a large quantity of coupons each season; and how many trees would be saved too! Printing Dynamic QR codes would certainly be more GREEN tan static QR codes.
  4. It is cheaper for the brand to make dynamic QR codes in our QR generator, than having them printed in paper.

All these pros about coupons as dynamic QR codes, help to increase your brand image, and therefore, add value to it; and also, to increase your brand’s loyalty. Amazing, right?

We can also say dynamic QR codes’ coupons benefit the consumers as, for example, it is easier for consumers to carry the coupons. This means, consumers do not have to carry the coupons in their wallets or bags, and there is no risk that they lose them, as they’ll stay recorded in their mobile phone once they’ve scanned the dynamic QR code.

So, these were some of the reasons why dynamic QR codes as coupons are an amazing idea. Hurry! Get a dynamic QR code to use as coupons. Be a pioneer of the new era.

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