Audi Creates QR code Christmas Campaign through

Christmas is coming! It’s time to get down to work and create innovative, engaging content and, above all, with festive spirit. QR codes can be a great way to bring this content to your loved ones in this time full of joy.

This is precisely what Audi has sought, together with Proximity Barcelona, through the campaign called Audi Toy Service created in 2013. The service offers the ability to repair your Audi model… the toy of course. Wether you are a child or an adult with capacity for wonder, and a car fan, this finding will sure put a smile on your face.

Audi Toy Service was released through the agency of multidisciplinary contents Proximity Barcelona, creators of the promotional video of the service that is even more warm and touching than the campaign itself. See for yourself:

And as if that were not enough, the video itself went viral through QR codes generated via the’s platform. Scan this code and you will be transported to this wonderful experience, especially conceived for the holidays.

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