How QR codes are fighting Coronavirus

QR codes and health In December 2019, a new type of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, began spreading in Wuhan, China. Today, the epidemic has spread to multiple countries, with over 450,000 cases and over 20,000 deaths worldwide. The outbreak has affected the economy as well. Measures are being put in place on a global scale […]

Tio Pepe’s Wine gets more classy with’s QR codes

What best way to accompany your dinner than with wine. Red wine, white wine, any wine? Well, the decision has to do with the food you are having… and the climate… and the people you are with. If you’ve ever happened to travel to Madrid, Spain; you surely visited Puerta del Sol. And of course […]

UNICEF goes QR via to promote Inclusive Education webinars

In a previous article we’ve dealt with QR codes for educational purposes. The article pointed out several uses that both teachers and students alike should know and embrace in order to, for instance, follow assignments, avoid tons of reading by watching interactive videos or presentations and all in all inspire young ones to become proactive […]

Lay’s uses’s QR codes for some tasty ads!

[blockquote1]I presume I’m not the only fan of Lay’s chips. They sure are the number one snacks to have at a party. May be it has to do with their shape, their flavor or even the way they crunch in your mouth… I sure have to have some before I carry on with this article.[/blockquote1] […]

Giovanni Rana reveals its tricks via’s QR codes

Food is one of the three basic needs. And pastas are a delicious need indeed. I guess you know what I’m getting at. I love pasta. Any kind of pasta. And as a pasta enthusiast, I wish I could give a try to Giovanni Rana’s pastas. They sure look amazing. From their raviolis to their […]

Easy Taxi uses QR codes via

Chances are you’ve at least been once in your life under heavy rain, soaking for centuries trying to get a cab and none seem to appear, as if they were all sucked into a vortex of nonexistence. You instantly get mad, and more so if you happen to have a broken umbrella… That sucks. Well, […] QR Codes Help Skoda to Promote Cars

This case study is dedicated to those that love cars and want to know the latest about their favorite rides. Although, to be honest, this case is for everyone! One of many examples that fundament the use of QR codes. The spanish branch of the automobile manufacturer Skoda created QR codes using’s QR code […]

Audi Creates QR code Christmas Campaign through

Christmas is coming! It’s time to get down to work and create innovative, engaging content and, above all, with festive spirit. QR codes can be a great way to bring this content to your loved ones in this time full of joy. This is precisely what Audi has sought, together with Proximity Barcelona, through the […]

Vileda’s Mop turned 40 and had a QR Code celebration!

It’s truly amazing how some people channel their imagination to find new and fun ways to use an already known technology. For these two are key to ensure that QR codes continue to gain traction and reject all those who believe that QR’s are dead or out of fashion. Let’s take the case of Vileda, […]

Antwerp Adopts Dynamic QR codes for Belgian Transportation

To keep track of up-to-the-minute transportation schedules, travelers and commuters in the entire Belgian province of Antwerp rely on scanning a dynamic QR code to see when their next bus or tram will arrive. The test, which installed 350 QR codes in stations and stops, has shown that there’s a high usage of the technology. […]