Fenosa uses QR codes for its heaters

QR Codes at customer’s service. Nothing better than having immediate access to contact information through your smartphone when you need it the most. In this case, the natural gas company Fenosa, multinational leader in the energy sector and a pioneer in the integration of gas and electricity, has joined forces with Proximity Barcelona, a multidisciplinary […]

The AADE uses QR codes to promote their Diabetes Goal Tracker App

Across the numerous case studies of creative and effective QR code uses, we have seen that their success, or at least their catching attention, comes from the fact that the individuals, companies or large enterprises who use them know that the key lies in providing unique content through QR codes, ensuring that the client has […]

Sodimac Chile digitizes stores using QR codes

Need assistance with assembly of your desk? Want to check the prices of chairs and tables? Dynamic QR Codes at your service! The Chilean branch of Sodimac, an industry that has reached a leadership position in stores for home improvement business to the Latin American market, is now using QR codes created and managed through […]

ONO uses QR codes to play and win

ONO Connects Spring through QR Codes Years ago, the debate over video games as forms of communication was minor and even irrelevant. Today, video games communicate ideas and even tell stories. While the main focus of the video game industry is this, there are studios that are dedicated solely and exclusively to create social experiences […]

Heineken uses uQR.me’s QR code to promote future bottle

QR codes to the future Ever thought about drinking a beer from a bottle designed for the future and, above all, designed by you? Turns out someone listened. Upon its 140th anniversary, Heineken launched a campaign (which ended 1 March 2013) for designers everywhere to “remix” a bottle of the future. The Argentine magazine Remix […]

Del Monte Finds Gold in uQR.me QR code Generator

Yet another large client has found that using uQR.me QR code generator is gold… or rather helps give away gold! Via the Del Monte ad agency of record, Senareider, a uQR.me QR code was generated for the ultra successful campaign, “Gold for Gold Sweepstakes.” To promote their line of fresh fruit, Del Monte attached a […]

Diet Coke works with uQR.me to promote a lighter Life

Diet Coke, also known as Coca-Cola Light, is launching a new limited edition campaign to promote their concept of “living lighter” with QR codes. In this, 6 Argentinean plastic artists dress a 500 ml. Diet Coke bottle each. The idea was that each artist would create a unique design for his/her bottle inspired by a […]

uQR.me partnered Vermisste Kinder -Missing Children-

uQR.me joins Initiative Vermisste Kinder in their quest to find missing children in Germany with QR codes Child disappearances are no fictional neither joke events. They take place every year, in every country. In the U.S numbers round 800.000 missing children per year, in the UK 1 child is reported missing every three minutes, in […]

“Branded” Movie: Unlocking The QR Code

uQR.me makes it to Hollywood as it’s dynamic QR codes are featured in a feature film. Branded is a mind bending science fiction thriller set in a dystopian future where corporate brands have created a disillusioned population. One man’s effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with hidden […]

Viña Leyda Wine Labels With Dynamic QR Codes

Our QR codes are now being printed on Viña Leyda Chilean wine labels. With exports throughout the world, the winery has applied QRcodes in each of their products, to communicate directly with those who best understand wine. [pullquote]“This is a new, free and easy way to technologize the wine culture, with a single click you […]