Sexy QR code campaign by Four Seasons Condoms

Not safe for work… but safe indeed! When we said QR codes were the HOTTEST things around we didn’t think they would ever get THIS hot… “Let the fun begin” is the sexy campaign Four Seasons Condoms and Wildfire Creative are running together with See for yourself what a thrilling experience reading a QR […]

Coke Zero bottle collection with QR codes by

Coke Zero bottles collection with dynamic QR codes! What could one of the most well-known Argentine radio personalities Andy Kusnetzoff have in common with the singer and model Emilia Attias? Just about the same as actor Mariano Martinez has in common with model and journalist Chechu Bonelli. Besides being huge celebs in South America, they […]

Volkswagen QR codes pointing to Amarok

Dynamic QR codes at the 5th International Motor Show to present the insides of the Amarok was at the 5th International Motor Show in Buenos Aires showing everyone how it’s done. Literally! We have partnered with Volkswagen linking various of our QR codes to their new models, exclusive gadgets and innovative features with informative […]

Helping To Find Missing Children With QR Codes

A QR code generator with a social value: When we said that our dynamic QR codes could be used for anything we weren’t kidding. Some organizations such as Child Quest International, Missing Children and Amber Alert are using to create QR codes to help find missing children all around the world. These non-profits are taking action with new and […]

Dynamic QR codes at the Pepsi Music Festival

Who else but uQRme to enhance Pepsi’s Music Festival? With extra interactions and virtual signage, the smartest QR code generator and management platform around, set up uQRme-powered QR codes at Pepsi Music in Buenos Aires allowing people to share their experience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the “Share” utility. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, […]

La Nación and QR codes for Soda Stereo’s 30th anniversary goes Stereo! Soda Stereo has been one of the greatest Latin American rock acts ever – maybe THE greatest. uQRme has teamed with leading Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Sony Music and Fischer America to celebrate the mythic band’s 30th anniversary with a series of CDs and DVDs entitled TODO SODA. uQRme developed the mobile […]