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Games & QR codes: a new strategy for engagement

We have talked before about the significant impact of QR codes in games, and today we are going through some examples of games that use QR codes and how to convert QR codes into an

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QR Codes in the classroom

A great use of QR codes is to implement them in the school. Many teachers have been using QR codes as an educational ally for years, and they love the results. There’s a significant number

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10 amazing ideas for your QR code marketing campaigns

QR code marketing campaigns are the new thing. The use of QR codes in marketing is becoming to pick up steam thanks to the growing smartphone-browsing crowd and the ability of iPhones with IOS 11

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7 practical uses of QR Codes

There are more practical uses of QR codes than what we think. This post will show you seven practical uses of QR codes that you probably didn’t know and can start using it right now

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QR Codes on your business card and its advantages

Business cards are the way to get us noticed in networking events, and that hold crucial information about us and our businesses. They show the information we want the rest of the world to learn

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The ultimate QR code maker for your business

Nowadays multiple platforms let you generate QR codes and share them with your audience quickly. In previous posts, we had explained how should you choose the best QR code maker, and today we will like