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How To Use QR Codes To Promote Your Event

In a previous article, we’ve seen how Facebook introduced QR codes to its well established platform. From uploading and using a QR code as your profile image, to creating a QR code out of your

Mobile marketing

Japan Keeps Track of Dementia Patients with QR codes

QR codes offer immense possibilities. As far as mobile marketing goes, we’ve been publishing tons of articles that prove how the technology can be put into effect. From examples such as Amazon GO’s use of

Mobile marketing

Twitter Introduces New Follow Option with QR Codes

The famous 140-character social networking service has jumped on the QR code bandwagon. Twitter’s implementation of QR codes comes as no surprise. Facebook, Snapchat and Kik have already proven the fact that messaging apps and

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Yellow The World Helps Visually Impaired People via QR Codes

A visually impaired person is not necessarily blind. He or she can see shapes, colors and shadows, and have a general feel regarding positioning, brightness and contrast. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to read information,

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How to Boost your O2O Strategy with QR Codes

Commerce back in the day was quite simple to grasp in terms of what it actually implied. Products and services were exchanged for money in a one-way stream. Today, thanks to the ever expanding digital