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Google QR Code Generator Review

In our previous article we’ve explained how millennials are revitalizing QR codes through the use of messaging apps. Facebook, Snapchat and Kik are some of the major app providers that really have pushed the envelope

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How to Create a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Starting your own QR code endeavor but feeling a tad confused? Many questions arise and answers are hard to find useful, since they are often tarnished by user experience. There are many things to know

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30 Things You Should Know About QR Codes

QR codes are a well known technology that is used worldwide to connect the physical world to the digital one. You probably know this already. But if you are hoping to find out more about

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How To Make a QR Code for Your Facebook Event

Facebook’s endeavor to allow all its users to interact with each other is as strong as ever. The basics are there and they are easy to use and jump into, such as creating fan pages

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Pokémon QR codes to Catch ‘Em All!

In yesteryears, videogames were not all that of a trend as they are nowadays. There were small niches mainly targeted to kids and young adults with games ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Street Fighter.