With QR codes, surprise your peeps this holidays!

With QR codes, surprise your peeps this holidays!

Cool QR code gadgets for holidays

Holidays coming soon and you’re still thinking how to thank your associates, employees, customers, even family and friends… this QR code generator provides you with a few ideas to combine QR codes’ technology and originality with festive mood.

Greeting QR code

We understand how difficult it is to think what or how to give “thank you” gifts, letters or notes, and that’s why we offer you a bunch of original ideas to do so by using QR codes!

Some ideas

  1. Let’s suppose you need to send a thank you letter to your most important associate, and you’re unsure of how exactly say it to him. Send him a present – one of your best products, let’s say- with a QR code printed on it! You could direct it to a video of some of your employees saying thank you to him, for example. You could even upload it to YouTube and use it as an advertisement. That would be an impressively genuine gift for an equal genuine associate!
  2. Let’s say you want to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy New Year” to your family or friends. You want to be original, of course, and you’re thinking what you could do… Give them a greeting card with a dynamic QR code directed to a video of you saying “Happy holidays”!
  3. Or even better, you could prepare a treasure hunt for your children by giving them a card with a QR code directed to instructions they need to follow. Now, that would be fun!  Take a look at what this user did:

Another thing you could do with QR codes when holidays are around is reward your customers with Christmas and New Year’s discounts or promotions. In this case, QR codes printed in labels on your products allow people to get access to discounts. And the best thing is you don’t have to print different QR codes for each holiday! As in uQR.me we create dynamic QR codes, you just need to create one and are able to change the link to which the QR code is directed whenever you want! So you can also link it to your web page or advertisements, during the rest of the year. Our creative team would ease you the work, of course. And among other features, our service provides statistics for each QR code, so you can follow its performance.

Wouldn’t you like to receive something different this year? Amazingly original gifts and cards! So, what are you waiting to get a QR code and surprise people with your creativity? Click here and make your holidays original.

Marry QRistmas!

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