uQR.me QR Codes Help Skoda to Promote Cars

This case study is dedicated to those that love cars and want to know the latest about their favorite rides. Although, to be honest, this case is for everyone! One of many examples that fundament the use of QR codes.

The spanish branch of the automobile manufacturer Skoda created QR codes using uQR.me’s QR code generator to promote its most recent vehicles and post their top stories.

By scanning said QR codes you can, on one hand, get detailed information on the car model you’re looking for, change its color or tires, explore its interior and see a video of the car running. On the other hand, you can get updates of the company itself, like the celebration of Skoda’s official pilot at the Europe Rally Championship, or the opening of Skoda’s virtual museum.

These uses that Skoda has found for its QR codes speak of a need to generate interest among its clients as well as an invitation for them to become part of the company’s history. This clash of ideas between business and sociability is – no pun intended – a vehicle to achieve great implementation of QR Codes.

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