QR code uses, which one is the best for you?

QR codes offer many advantages. However, only a few companies take advantage of their benefits. In this post we will be talking about the QR code uses, so you can figure out which is the best usage of the QR code for you and your company. Consumers usually complain of the lack of information to […]

How to Create a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Starting your own QR code endeavor but feeling a tad confused? Many questions arise and answers are hard to find useful, since they are often tarnished by user experience. There are many things to know about QR codes and mobile marketing itself. So, without further ado, let’s go over a simple guideline to clear your […]

What Happened to Marketing When QR Codes Didn’t Die?

You know about the articles that pronounce QR codes dead. You’ve seen them and read a few as they’ve appeared over the past five years or so. But QR codes haven’t died. In fact, they’re increasing in usage. So, who’s been saying QR codes are dead and what does this mean to marketers? Who’s Wrong? […]

Tio Pepe’s Wine gets more classy with uQR.me’s QR codes

What best way to accompany your dinner than with wine. Red wine, white wine, any wine? Well, the decision has to do with the food you are having… and the climate… and the people you are with. If you’ve ever happened to travel to Madrid, Spain; you surely visited Puerta del Sol. And of course […]

Why QR Codes are the Future of Wearable Devices

We may not realize it yet, but we are on the dawn of completely wearable mobile devices. When we wake up today, that day has arrived. Sure, people scoffed at Google Glass while competitors are gearing up for grabbing their share of the market and, of course, the recent release of the Apple Watch means […]

QR Codes for 2015 – Uses Continue to Grow!

There hasn’t been a “QR Codes Are Dead” article published for quite some time. It seems people have realized that the print-to-digital links are escalating in usage, not only in Asia, where they have been popular since their inception in the 1990s, but all over the world and with great success. Smart Cities and Transportation […]

Merry QRistmas – Great QR Code Uses for Gifts and Sales

Last year we covered how people could use free dynamic QR codes for personal use during the holidays and while they are still great ideas, we wanted to cover some great uses businesses can do with QR codes to help sales, engage customers, and make for a happy and prosperous season. Most businesses rely on […]

Why the Growth of Mobile Use is Tied to QR Codes

To no surprise of anyone in the world, the use of mobile devices will keep increasing, and to that end, advertisers are looking to become fully vested in that growth. It’s reported that mobile advertising is growing six times faster than conventional desktop advertising. As we wrote in a past article, it’s becoming a point […]

How QR Codes Pump Up Your Social Media

It’s a clickable world because that’s what people want. The text link, banner ad or video thumbnail has increased and evolved in the short time the internet has become the number one communication and information tool. The latest evolution of the clickable link, through ever-increasing mobile marketing is the QR code and its real world-to-digital […]