UNICEF goes QR via uQR.me to promote Inclusive Education webinars

In a previous article we’ve dealt with QR codes for educational purposes. The article pointed out several uses that both teachers and students alike should know and embrace in order to, for instance, follow assignments, avoid tons of reading by watching interactive videos or presentations and all in all inspire young ones to become proactive towards their education.

As the closing statement says:

[pullquote]”The tools have changed, society has changed, as have the students and the way they learn. QR codes have so many uses for students to learn, inspire and make them reach further for information just waiting for you to present to them via a simple QR code.”[/pullquote]

This new article furthers upon this subject. UNICEF’s CEE/CIS (Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of the Independent States) in collaboration with Education Section at HQ has launched a series of webinars to promote Inclusive Education systems, which is an educational approach for students with special needs.

Webinar 1 – Conceptualizing Inclusive Education and Contextualizing it within the UNICEF mission from Disability Unit on Vimeo.

The webinars are “intended to provide practical guidance to UNICEF staff and their partners on the issues of Inclusive Education with a focus on children with disabilities” and they can be accessed by scanning QR codes that the organization created via uQR.me.

The contents of these webinars range from “Conceptualizing Inclusive Education and Contextualizing it within the UNICEF Mission” to “Definition and Classification of Disability” al the way up to “Parents, Family and Community Involvement”.

UNICEF’s CEE/CIS educational endeavor is one to be commended. Inclusive Education is a notion that may not be very well known or taken into consideration. Children with special needs need a proper and caring educational environment.

As the aforementioned article closed, our society is constantly changing and evolving all because of our relation with technology. As such, we must be aware of how the generation that will follow us can have better and more efficient ways to learn and access information to study, thus becoming an even better society than we could have ever hoped for.

So, QR codes. Are they limping? The answer is a resounding no. Much like how Antwerp became a SmartCity via QR codes, UNICEF’s use of QR codes to access Inclusive Education information may well be one step towards SmartEducation.

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