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Merry Christmas 2016 with QR Codes!

Whoa! 2017 is just around the corner! Time sure flies by fast…

Right before we wave goodbye to 2016, let’s go over what QR codes can do to make this holiday season all the merrier!

Whether you want to get the best out of your QR codes for your retail store or have a blast using them with family and friends, we’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, let’s go down the QR chimney!

Have yourself… a merry little QRristmas

And so the song goes… with a little twist 🙂

What makes this time of year so special? Getting a gift from Santa? Having a special dinner with your closest friends and family? All of the above? Probably… Let’s not forget the turkey!

Aside from that, what we can agree on is that Christmas brings us together. It’s a time in which we can rejoice with one another… and have fun!

This brings us to why QR codes can take the Christmas spirit to a whole new level.

QR code greeting cards

One such example of QR code uses around the house during the holiday season comes in the form of greeting cards.

Instead of having the same old premade card delivered to that special someone, you can create a QR code greeting card with your own content.

Speaking of content, the possibilities are endless. From a “wish you a merry Christmas” video on YouTube to an MP3 file of a happy-go-lucky song.

Since we’ve got our mobile phones at hand, ready to send and receive our Christmas blessings, the “ordeal” of scanning a QR code is non-existent.

More so considering the fact that QR code readers are easy to find and most of them are free!

Plus, having a dedicated QR code to scan makes the experience even more endearing and personal.

QR code scavenger hunts

Kids will love this one:

  • Create several QR codes, each linked to a picture that shows where the next code is,
  • place the codes around the house,
  • have the young ones scan them with a mobile device,
  • and presto: you’ve got your own Christmas scavenging hunt!

By using QR codes as such, you will not only put a smile on your kid’s faces, but they will also learn what the technology can do while playing.

QR codes and Christmas go hand in hand now. All what you need to do is let your imagination run wild. Merry times are ahead!

Now, let’s see what retail stores can achieve by implementing QR codes during the holiday season.

Merry QR shopping

In our previous article we’ve explained what O2O is and how it can boost your marketing efforts in conjunction with QR codes.

What better way to understand this e-commerce strategy than by applying it during this holiday season.

Mobile payment is here to stay

The first thing to point out is that mobile marketing has become very important.


According to the thorough research provided by Smart Insights, mobile use has been increasing since 2014 and has now surpassed desktops.

This comes as no surprise. After all, we use our mobile devices for everyday tasks; interacting, searching, gaming, you name it.

And now, with e-commerce finding its way into the mobile space, we can purchase products through our mobile devices as well.

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Foot traffic is heaviest in the afternoon, but mobile shopping is all day long” #mobileshopping #mobilemarketing” quote=”“Foot traffic is heaviest in the afternoon, but mobile shopping is all day long” – Think with Google”]

Christmas deals

Retail stores have a great business opportunity in the form of QR codes: mobile purchases, exclusive content, video reviews and more.

Come Christmas time, more possibilities to engage with customers rise.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not to mention Christmas Eve, are great days in which your retail store can gain the most out of the use of QR codes.

Placing QR code tags on products can benefit both your clients and your company as well:

  • People won’t have to wait in line to pay for their products – they can do so with their mobile devices,
  • you can suggest them to view more products or compare prices while shopping in-store, and
  • offer incentives in the form of discount coupons only available through QR codes.

As we can gather from eBay, the use of QR codes is not only a great business strategy but a unique experience as well.

One last piece of information in regards to mobile shopping comes via Google’s most recent studies:

[pullquote]“Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday have gone mobile; people shopped more on mobile than on desktop last year. And in 2016, shoppers continue to turn to their phones, increasingly using them as a “door-to-the-store.” In fact, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day.”[/pullquote]

Jingle all the way

QR codes have come a long way. Who could have imagined back in 1994 when they first introduced that they would become such a robust piece of technology?

From uses around the house for fun and games, to actual marketing strategies that can boost conversions and extend a company’s social reach.

Throughout this year we’ve seen how millennials became aware of QR codes thanks to messaging apps, how Pokémon introduced new ways to play with QR codes, and last but not least, how Google and Windows adopted the same technology for different purposes.

The list goes on and each one provides valuable insight as to why QR codes are still here. This statement comes into full effect during the holiday season.

The technology allows newcomers and veterans alike to experience new and interesting ways to share and access exclusive content – all on our mobile devices.

With that being said, what are your thoughts on QR codes? Do you agree that they are a key component to a successful marketing campaign? And more importantly, how are you going to use them for this Christmas?

Leave your comments below and… Merry Christmas!

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