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Coke Zero bottle collection with QR codes by

Coke Zero bottles collection with dynamic QR codes!

What could one of the most well-known Argentine radio personalities Andy Kusnetzoff have in common with the singer and model Emilia Attias? Just about the same as actor Mariano Martinez has in common with model and journalist Chechu Bonelli. Besides being huge celebs in South America, they have something else in common. Them, alongside CQC‘s Gonzalo Rodriguez and Rasta from 5to a Fondo, were all part of Coca-Cola Zero’s new campaign in South America alongside Human agency partnered with

They are calling it “The Challenge” and what each of these celebrities has to do to prove that they can take on Coca-Cola Zero’s proposition, is far more difficult than you can imagine. Coke had the brilliant idea of partnering up with and print out QR codes on their super cool dynamic bottles giving people quick access to all the challenges each of these celebrities had to endure. And don’t think they were easy! Let’s take Chechu for example. Tall, blonde, beautiful and smart are just a few words to describe her, she is one of the six celebrities printed on the special edition bottles. Her challenge? To play a game of soccer with a bunch of tough macho men. Ok, you may think this is no defiance, but try playing in platform heals and tiny sequence shorts! Still, she managed to play very well and even make a goal!

Grab a Coca-Cola Zero and your smartphone and spot’s QR code on the bottle which will direct you to their Facebook page, once there, you can see all the dirty tasks these guys had to go through. Lets take model and actress Emilia Attias for example. Her challenge was to drive to a construction site and ask some random construction workers to take time out of their day to learn a choreography. Trying to convince them may be a little easier when you look like Emilia, but still this is no easy task. After a few hours of rehearsal, the eight construction workers were ready for their debut. With hard hats and all, these guys showed everyone that they were able to shake it with style.

Desafio COCA-COLA Zero Argentina

Spot this QR code to check the special edition bottles content:

Desafio Zero by QR codes

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