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Como crear QR dinamico

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The amazing thing about Dynamic QR codes, is that you’ll be able to update its contents as many times as you’ll need, without the need of re-printing.
Simply log-in to your control panel, and update where you want to point your QR code. It’s that simple!

Why to care using Dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes will allow you to update its contents even after printed.

QR readers will read dynamic QR codes just like they read any static QR code.

Create your QR code

The dynamic QR code is created as soon as you register, and you can assign it where you want it to go or even after it is printed! At any time you can modify where you have pointed your code.

Design it

You can add your logo to your QR, or fully customize with your design and colors to make it stand out. You will freak out with our design editor!

Update your contents

From your web control panel you manage where to redirect your codes. You have many cool features like attaching file to QR, smart redirection, vCard, mobile page creation and more!

Measure engagement

You have access to an online report to see at a glance important information about the visitors of your QR codes. If you take visitors seriously, you can connect your codes to your Google Analytics account.

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