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This may sound too good to be true, but you can actually create QR codes with for free. Yes, free!

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QR codes

We know that QR codes are a super useful marketing tool for organizations big and small, so we want to make them available to everyone, even those who cannot afford a paid plan at the moment. (You can always upgrade later when your business finds success. We believe in you!)

You can make free QR codes at in one of two ways:

  1. Sign up for a FREE plan with
  2. Register for a 14-day FREE trial of’s Professional plan.

Free trial with no credit card

The Free plan has no expiration and you will be able to create QR codes with some restrictions. 

The free trial of our Professional Plan lasts for 14 days and your codes will be supported by as Professional level codes for that time. After the 14 days, you can choose a paid plan or downgrade to a Free plan. 

And — get this — to sign up for our free trial, you don’t need to give us your credit card! You just sign up and you’re good to go.

Let’s have a look at the various plans.

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Free plan

The Free plan has no expiration, but you have limitations on the number of QR codes and scans it will support. It allows you to create one dynamic QR code out of these types:

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Basic design tools

It allows for 100 scans per month and the redirect page will display for a few seconds before it redirects your visitors to your content. 

With the Free plan, you have access to the basic design tools and the basic analytics for your code.

To register for a Free plan, log into your account and click “Upgrade to Premium” on the drop-down menu beside your name.

This takes you to our Plans page. Scroll down to the FAQ section below the plans at the bottom. There, you will see a link to make your account a Free plan.

Note that if you have multiple QR codes created already, you will need to choose the one you want to keep and archive the others.
We suggest you don’t open a Free plan until after your free 14-day Professional level trial. 
Speaking of which ...

14-Day Professional Plan Free Trial

Really explore and see how powerful the platform is with a no-cost glimpse at the Professional plan.

Types of QR codes

With this plan, you get 1,000 dynamic QR codes of any type. Dynamic codes allow you to edit the content they link to at any time without having to reprint the codes. Change the content as many times as you need to. The codes always stay the same.
Create any of these types of codes!


Check how well your codes are doing with advanced analytics, which include:

  • Unique scans
  • Scans
  • Daily analytics
    • Countries and cities
    • Audience
    • Operating systems and mobile devices

Connect your QR codes to Google Analytics and download comprehensive reports as PDF and XLS files
so you can share your QR codes’ success with your whole team.


With our Professional Plan and free trial, you also get advanced QR code design, where you can:

  • Add a logo to your QR codes.
  • Choose the color and shape of their bodies and timing patterns (the three big squares).
  • Add a color gradient to make them look even more eye-catching.

Customize your landing pages so they are unique.

Create custom templates for your codes and landing pages. Use your templates on multiple codes and landing pages for a unified look. 

Edit the part of your short URL that comes after the slash to include your brand’s name or anything you want, increasing brand awareness. For example:

Use white-label URL masking to brand your QR codes’ short URLs by assigning your domain to a project. For example:

Paypal QR Code
File formats for printing


Download your QR codes as raster or vector images depending on how you want to use them.  Available file formats include: 

  • PNG (Raster)
  • EPS (Vector)
  • PDF (Vector)
  • SVG (Vector)


Create bulk QR codes at the same time for large projects. Change the content all at once if you need to. This will save you time and energy from having to change the content one at a time. 

Apply templates you’ve designed to multiple QR codes at once. Having all your QR codes look similar is great for brand continuity.

Differentiate your projects so they are easy to organize and keep track of.
For example, if you have a marketing campaign that involves multiple PayPal QR codes, a Mobile page QR code and a Download file QR code, group them all together in one project and make them look similar by using the same template so visitors know they are all connected to the same campaign.

If you have another campaign that involves a different set of codes, group them together in a project and give them a similar aesthetic with a separate template to set them apart. 

Give your QR codes tags so you can easily search for them within a project. It makes organization so simple!

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Users and Support

Manage users of your business’ account by assigning different users to administer your various projects. Have multiple team members working on the projects they’re assigned to within your account for a smooth workflow.

Receive full email and chat support from our team. We love to help our customers!

You get all that with our free 14-day Professional Plan trial. If, after 14 days, you like what you have seen, you can choose to downgrade to a Free plan or you can choose one of our paid options.

There's a plan that suits your QR needs


To ease you into the world of QR codes).


Great for small businesses who want to use QR codes for marketing and promotion.


For medium to large businesses and organizations that require a lot of QR codes.


For large scale QR code campaigns.

Before you choose the perfect plan, please enjoy our 14-day Professional Plan free trial and test out all the features. 
Regardless of whether you just want to put your toe in the water with a Free account or you’re ready to dive in and go with a paid Professional Plan, we’re here to help your business grow.

Start creating QR Codes that actually work for you.

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