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How to Create a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Starting your own QR code endeavor but feeling a tad confused? Many questions arise and answers are hard to find useful, since they are often tarnished by user experience. There are many things to know about QR codes and mobile marketing itself.

So, without further ado, let’s go over a simple guideline to clear your doubts and get a comprehensive understanding of how a QR code campaign can be thought out.

Step 1: Think Big

The success of a QR code campaign lies in its planning. Imagination is key to unlock the full power of the code’s potential.

There are many possible options for you to choose from, but first, take your time to examine and determine what you or your business can obtain by implementing QR codes.

By taking this into account, you can narrow down the options and focus on those that will benefit your campaign.

Here are some QR ideas

  • If wanting to promote yourself, creating a QR code that links to a vCard can guarantee that those who scan the code will add your contact information to their electronic address books.
  • Linking the QR to a social media fan page can also boost your reach and get more followers.
  • Your startup or business can also use the power of QR codes by creating one that links to discounts or special offers. According to recent studies held by Google, users are becoming more aware of this technology by getting enticed to access QR code promotions.
  • Also, linking QR codes to YouTube informational or “how-to” videos is a must when launching products that need to assembled or taught how to use.

Step 2: QReate

Once you decide how you will use a QR code, you are ready to go and create one!

Simply search for QR code generator or QR code manager. There are many to choose from, each offering unique characteristics.

The price shouldn’t be a concern since the technology itself is very affordable. More so considering you can subscribe to an annual or a lifetime plan.

Step 3: Beautify!

Hold your horses! Right before you download your QR code and start printing it, you might want to customize it.

Beautify QR Code

QR code managers provide a wide array of options to tune your QR code and make it fancy to the human eye. Plus, it will blend well with your graphic design if you opt to put the code there.

You can add a logo, a background, change the QR’s color scheme and even round up its borders. There are many great custom made QR codes out there!

After that is done, try the QR code before printing by scanning it with several devices just to make sure everything is working fine.

QR code readers and scanners are easy to find if your mobile device is not equipped with one already. Here are our top 11 picks just in case you need one.

Then, download your code as a raster image or a vector graphic and print away!

Step 4: Track the Code

If you choose to go for a QR code manager, they come equipped with a tracking system that allows you to follow the QR code’s statistics.

You can sort the data retrieved by devices used to scan the code, browser, age, gender and country of the user that scanned it, etc.

Harnessing this information is crucial to know how your QR code marketing campaign is performing. By studying its trend, you can improve your strategies and get the best out of your QR code.

Final touches

A QR code marketing campaign is easy to set up. If we had to emphasize one thing it would definitely be the idea behind the QR code.

The call to action has to be carefully studied before taking it into action.

This is one argument QR code detractors usually stand by, disregarding the technology as a whole. Put your creative effort to good use and go all out when offering unique content via QR codes.

The other thing that you might be asking yourself is whether to go for a QR code generator or a QR code manager.

QR Code Manager

You can get a full understanding of the difference between the two platforms here.

In general terms, a QR code generator allows you to create static QR codes. With a QR code manager, on the other hand, you can do all of the following things:

  • Generate unlimited dynamic QR codes
  • Fully customizable QR codes
  • Create mobile page templates
  • QR code management
  • White label URL masking
  • Retrieval of QR codes’ statistics

The best bet would be to register to a QR code manager plan. And at we offer just that!

Why not try one of our free 14-day trials and see what the QR code fuzz is all about?

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