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Del Monte Finds Gold in QR code Generator

Yet another large client has found that using QR code generator is gold… or rather helps give away gold!

Via the Del Monte ad agency of record, Senareider, a QR code was generated for the ultra successful campaign, “Gold for Gold Sweepstakes.”

Del Monte QR code promo

To promote their line of fresh fruit, Del Monte attached a tag with a QR code consumers could scan to enter the sweepstakes, which is giving away an ounce of 24-carat gold to multiple winners, with a grand prize of one pound of 24-carat gold.

Del Monte Facebook cover

Tied to a special Facebook page, the pirate-themed promotion markets Del Monte Gold® pineapples to U.S. and Canadian consumers, and runs from Oct. 28 to Nov. 29, 2013. Entrants must “like” the page to enter, the promotion has garnered a quarter million followers on Facebook (Del Monte Fresh Fruit) in just a couple of weeks, as well as 9,000 Twitter followers (@DelMonteFresh).

According to Dennis Christou, vice president of North American marketing,

[pullquote]“pineapples can be enjoyed year-round, especially in the fall when interest in cooking and baking is heightened as we approach the holidays. We designed this promotion to create excitement about our pineapple even during a normally slow sales period.”[/pullquote]

Del Monte gold

Adding to the excitement of this sweepstakes, even retailers are involved. The retailer with the best display will receive a shipment of Del Monte Gold pineapples, and one ounce of 24-carat gold, or an equivalent donation to a charity of their choice. Sweet!

As with other large companies, Del Monte has found that QR codes generated through provide the quality of scanning, as well as the proper analytics needed for such a large, and important promotion.

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