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Diet Coke works with to promote a lighter Life

Diet Coke, also known as Coca-Cola Light, is launching a new limited edition campaign to promote their concept of “living lighter” with QR codes.

In this, 6 Argentinean plastic artists dress a 500 ml. Diet Coke bottle each.
The idea was that each artist would create a unique design for his/her bottle inspired by a specific region of the Country and what they think “living lighter” is.

  • Fernanda Cohen: Litoral. Thinks “living fresh is living lighter”
  • Ernesto Bertani: Buenos Aires. Thinks “living free is living lighter”
  • Ricardo Liniers: Patagonia. Thinks “living simple is living lighter”
  • Milo Locket: Noroeste. Thinks “living together is living lighter”
  • Marcos Lopez: Cordoba. Thinks “living with humor is living lighter”
  • Nicola Constantino: Cuyo. Thinks “living with dreams is living lighter”

The campaign includes the spreading of information through many different channels, being T.V. commercials, merchandising materials, ads and graphics and digitalized spreading. To be able to use this last one, Diet Coke decided to work together with dynamic QR codes.
These QR codes are found in the bigger bottles -which are not dressed- and link to the artist’s piece in its original form -this is, unmodified to fit in a bottle- to truly appreciate the concept of Diet Coke’s slogan, and not just collect the bottles because of their pretty appearance.

It is important for Diet Coke that people don’t just know the slogan, but understand the benefits of “living lighter”, and that’s why they chose this wonderful idea of letting artists show the audience what living lighter means for them, and how Argentina transmits them such feeling to create their personal definition.

Promoting their campaign in the most efficient way was just as important to Diet Coke’s team, and that is why they decided to work together with to be able to spread their message to every family table, friends meeting, social reunion, any event in which there’s a person with a cell phone who can read the QR code. Can you picture that?

Live lighter with Diet Coke and, and create your own definition of what a lighter life is.

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