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How dynamic QR codes can help you get a job and more

I bet you seen QR codes in ads, videos, posters, billboards, etc. and it turns out to be that they are a very effective marketing strategy for companies and businesses, but are you aware that you can also take advantage of this QR codes for your personal interests? Here we give you some ways in which you can do it.

QR codes have been around for a while now, but to understand them, you must know the difference between the static QR codes and the dynamic QR codes.  The difference between these two types of QR codes is that dynamic QR codes’ link can be changed whenever the user pleases retrieving statistics out of the visits to the codes; with static QR codes, you can’t.
Now, going back to the initial question: how could we use dynamic QR codes for our own benefit?

Possible uses you could give to Dynamic QR codes:

  • As business cards
  • In your CV
  • In PowerPoint presentations
  • With a video presentation
  • Party invitations
  • “Missing” posters
  • QR codes in business cards

A very important aspect you must take into account is that adding a QR code to your business card is a way of making the person who receives it pay serious attention to the card and gives the impression that you are an original person who is into technology.  It is an effective way to direct people you give the card to, to the link you want them to see and that contains the information you want to share. This way, you can have an original, good looking, and vastly informative – still, respecting the usual size- business card. With this type of business cards, you can check out who scanned the dynamic QR code.

A QR code in your CV will help you get a job

Just as like as for business cards, the use of dynamic QR codes in your CV, give the hiring manager the impression that you are a person who is aware of technology, which is a great way of eliminating the possibility of age discrimination and give an advantage if you’re applying for a media-related job, it makes the manager pay more attention to your resume as it is different from the average ones. As you chose where to direct the link, you show the manager further information on whichever aspect you want to highlight from yourself. And you can also make sure your CV has been read as you can check who scanned your dynamic QR code.

QR codes in PowerPoint presentations and videos

Adding a dynamic QR code to a PowerPoint presentation would enable you to add further information about the topic you’re treating or something you want the viewers to know, without having an extremely long, tiring presentation.  In videos, the use of dynamic QR codes could be related to ads or further information, as well as in the presentations.

QR codes in Party invitations

Let’s suppose you’re having a Party, you’ve printed all the invitations and delivered them to your guests. Time and date are, of course, detailed in them. But, for some reason – personal issues, weather, the ones who printed it made a mistake- you need to change the date of the event. You would have to phone or e-mail each one of your guests and communicate them that the date has been modified. Well, that would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it?… it WOULDN’T if you had PRINTED a DYNAMIC QR CODE in the invitations, then you could just change the information of the link to which you directed the code and there would be no drama or stressful situations. A quick, practical solution; not to mention the genius ways in which you could design an amazing invitation.

QR codes in “missing” posters

By printing a QR code on your “missing” posters, you wouldn’t have any problems with how clear the picture of the lost object, pet, person, etc. looks; you would be able to include a lot of information about it, and change the it when you please without the need of printing new posters, being GREEN, practical, and vastly informative and as precise as desired. One or many “missing” things could be included in the page to which you directed your dynamic QR code. From missing children organizations/ police to students, printing QR codes in their posters would be extremely beneficial.

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