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Viña Leyda Wine Labels With Dynamic QR Codes

Our QR codes are now being printed on Viña Leyda Chilean wine labels. With exports throughout the world, the winery has applied QRcodes in each of their products, to communicate directly with those who best understand wine.

[pullquote]“This is a new, free and easy way to technologize the wine culture, with a single click you can find out the quality of the wine and its base pairing.”[/pullquote]

Technology is constantly advancing, which is why the renowned winery chose to include dynamic QR codes to each of their wine labels. With and their addition of dynamic QR codes on their labels, they can share information and show their commitment in wine making.

[pullquote]“This approach has allowed new consumer-oriented applications, which makes it easier when choosing a wine. The technology and the quality of Viña Leyda products are paramount. This is a way to take the lead, so that anyone with a cell phone and Internet access, will be able to discover the characteristics of the product, see the awards it has won around the world and view videos of sommeliers and winemakers illustrating how to pair the chosen wine.”[/pullquote]

A QR code on the label of a wine offers consumers a glimpse into their vineyards, view the harvest, read about base pairing of that particular product and much more, either at the time of purchase, at home or while eating out. Dynamic QR codes also give the producer the opportunity to directly communication with the consumer about their products. provides codes that can be redirected to new content at any time, without having to re-print the labels. This, coupled with its powerful statistics system provides any marketing team the perfect tool for tracking customers before and after the sale of the product.

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