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6 things must know about QR codes in retail stores

QR codes are the newest way of marketing campaigns, in which the businesses get closer contact with their customers.

1- The use of dynamic QR codes campaigns extends your brick and mortar location further than you can imagine.

Now, not only people passing by your shop with time to stop and take a look around can appreciate the products you sale. Putting a QR code poster on the sidewalk outside your store would allow potential customers, who have no time to stop, to scan the dynamic QR code and be directed, for example, to your catalogue online, being able to buy your products while they’re waiting for an appointment, on the metro, bus, in the office, during lunchtime, whenever they want! This would substantially, not only increase the buyers’ commodity, but also your sales and would add value to your brand.

2- Reduction of in-store queues

With QR codes in stores, customers can scan the dynamic QR code, buy the item online and have it delivered to their house or office. This prevents the forming of longs queues to pay for the items selected.

QR code in-store

3- Reduce your store advertisement costs

Dynamic QR codes as a marketing campaign in stores also helps the business’ accounts as there is no need to invest so much in publicity. Whenever you want you can direct your dynamic QR code to an online ad (mobile landing page, coupon, video, etc.). Or, also upload an online ad in which your dynamic code appears and direct it to your web page so that users have access to it! How does that sound?

4- The digital experience of your products

Another thing you can do is add your QR in some of your products to include further information in them, to create a more interactive package/label experience. This would outlast in a more appealing product with more information about them and your promotions. Connect your products with the social networks. Receive likes, tweets and shares!

5- Prevent “Showrooming”

Online shopping doesn’t always mean that customers buy the items in your web page. Surveys show that people carry out what is called “showrooming”. This practice involves going to the store, selecting the item they want, and then going home and buy it online in other web pages where they get it at a lower price. This is why getting QR codes for your products is such a great idea: you could also offer discounts for those who scan your product’s QR codes, or else, direct the link to your web page offering further information about the product and other promotions. Preventing showrooming, and having people buying you, not other web pages.

6- Generate QR code coupons and product details

Dynamic QR code in your products can be directed, for example, to the color, size and stock you have of the scanned item. Being the customer able to buy the product with the characteristics he pleases online and have it delivered to his house. No waiting for the shop assistants to tell him what they have in stock, no loss of time, no need to come another day to buy it. Customer’s satisfaction leading to brand loyalty, that’s what you get.

Having dynamic QR codes for your products is, therefore, convenient for both, your brand and your customers.

There are so many other things you could do if you only got a dynamic QR code. Innovate; invest on your business.

Ideas? Please feel free to share them on the comments area 🙂

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