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Facebook QR Code: Get people to visit you on Facebook

When wanting to promote a product, an app, your company or even yourself, social media networks are the number one option to get out there fast. Facebook, being the dominant of them all, should be on your top choices. Not only because of its active user base, but also because of the amount of options it offers to get check-ins and, further more, generate conversions. And now, there’s something else worth noting; the ability to create a Facebook QR code.

Creating a Facebook fan page is the first step into attracting users via likes, comments, sharing content and more, thus expanding your marketing reach. You can offer special content, promotions, give updates and all in all, interact with your fan base and get instant feedback. The possibilities are endless! And speaking of possibilities, you can also boost your Facebook fan page by implementing QR codes!

QR codes for Social Interaction

QR codes are the number one link that connects the physical world to the digital one. This means that by creating one, you can choose where it redirects to, being a website, a vCard, a YouTube video, a file to download, etc. And you guessed it; you can set your QR code to your Facebook page!

By scanning a QR code for Facebook, users will be instantly lead to your fan page and will be able to check your profile, share, like, comment and all the usual actions they partake in while on Facebook. The difference being that they are enticed to do so via a QR code.

Say you have a clothing store and a possible costumer, being in a hurry, can’t just type in the name of your store or even access your URL. Well then, by placing a QR code, that customer can scan it and get instant access to your fan page, like it, and move on while actively engaged! It is important to know, though, that the actual scanning of the code does not add a Like automatically. Users will do so as they normally do with their smart phones or other mobile devices.

So, you now know that QR codes can link to Facebook… but how can you create one. Well, it’s quite easy.

Let’s dive into the tutorial:

Step 1: Find a Facebook QR code generator is a free QR code generator that will allow you to create a Facebook QR code. Once you get there, simply register and in a matter of seconds you’ll be greeted with your dashboard.

Step 2: Set the Type of QR code

The QR code will be ready for you to setup its content. To do so, click QR setup and select Social share. There, enter your Facebook fan page URL, click save and you’re done!

By the way, you can connect said QR code to a Twitter or Google+ profile too. Being a dynamic QR code, you can later change its content if you so desire.

Step 3: Customize it

Right before you download and print your newly created QR code, you may want to customize it. Beautify it. You’ll be able to change the color of the QR, give it round borders instead of the ones it already has, and even add a logo or a background to make it even more personal.

How to customize a QR Code

Step 4: Print it

After getting your QR code beautified you can then choose to download it as a raster image (PNG) or as a vector one (SVG) to further edit it. Please remember to test the QR code by scanning it yourself after performing any changes to its structure.

Facebook QR code
Facebook QR codes are an excellent way to expand your offline reach and get to your targeted audience faster.

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