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Do You Remember Your First Facebook Post? First Wall Post Does!

Like everyone else in the world, you’ve probably posted over a thousand ideas, rants, dreams and kitten videos to your Facebook status… and that’s just this week! But do you remember your FIRST Facebook post? What did you say? What did you show? Where did it all Start? First Wall Post will show you!

95% of the people surveyed didn’t remember which was their first post, and didn’t know neither how to look for it. So that’s why the app developers decided to help out by building this tool. Just go to the My First Wall Post page on Facebook and you will find the link to this fun little app that, with one click, will whisk you back in time to see what was going through your head when you excitedly joined in on the biggest social network the world has ever seen.

Here’s a short video on how it works…

The My First Wall Post app currently has 222,000 likes and more than 500,000 users in its first 3 months! Why not check out your first post and relive those heady days… and repost your first post again, for all your newer friends to see?

Who’s using this app? Here’s the analytics…

First Wall Statistics

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