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Sexy QR code campaign by Four Seasons Condoms

Not safe for work… but safe indeed!

When we said QR codes were the HOTTEST things around we didn’t think they would ever get THIS hot… “Let the fun begin” is the sexy campaign Four Seasons Condoms and Wildfire Creative are running together with See for yourself what a thrilling experience reading a QR code can be!

Each time you scan one of the dynamic QR codes with your smartphone, you get rewarded with a picture of a beautiful naked lady. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, you can’t help but collect them all… but it’s not just sexy ladies you can get, they’re also offering free condoms. All you have to do is sign up at Four Seasons Condoms and receive your free Naked condoms.

But it’s not just about condoms… Things are getting really, REALLY interesting! Well, some of the QR codes brings you to a page where you can register for three free samples of pure water based Four Seasons intimate lubricant to enhance your experience. Need more than that? Some other QRs point to the Four Seasons Condoms on line store, where you can discover and seamlessly purchase other items of great interest, such as the Good Vibrations pack which combines ribbed condoms, a vibrating ring and stimulating gel.

Let the fun begin - Four seasons condoms

Sex sells and it’s no surprise “Let the fun begin” is one of the most successful QR-based campaigns we’ve seen in a while, and it shows to what extent you can enhance a marketing strategy through creative use of QR codes with Don’t get us wrong when we say we are very excited about it!

You can go to Australia (if you’re not there) and look for the other QR codes around or you can like the campaign and get more info on their Facebook page:

Let the fun begin…

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