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Games & QR codes: a new strategy for engagement

We have talked before about the significant impact of QR codes in games, and today we are going through some examples of games that use QR codes and how to convert QR codes into an excellent strategy to level up your engagement. If you are developing a game, app or even a book, stay tuned, this might be of your interest after all.

Games & QR codes

It is safe to say that games are a huge industry that generates millions of dollars every year and there are hundreds of games coming out every other month. New games are missing out on uniqueness, something different and fresh to attract gamers for more than one month, do you know how you can achieve that? Yes, by using QR codes in your games.

You can think is complicate it, but is not that hard, you can use QR codes both in the offline and digital world.

First, start by creating your QR code. For that you can go to our QR code generator, start your free trial and click on create QR code.

Once you are inside our platform, you can add the URL you want your QR code to point to and also create your very own landing page.

Games & QR codes, a new strategy for engagement

There is a wide range of actions you can do with’s QR code generator for tracking analytics, changing the Link of your QR code without having to change any printed QR codes, a bulk creation of QR codes and much more. By the time you finish your free trial, you will come to the conclusion that using a QR code generator to implement QR codes in your projects or marketing strategies is one of the best ideas you ever had.

Games & QR codes, a new strategy for engagement

You can find out more about what you can do and how powerful our QR code generator by visiting and registering to try it for yourself.

In which type of games can I use QR codes

Basically in any game, but there are some kinds of game that give you a more creative outlet to apply QR codes as they are the strategy games.

No matter the world you want to implement your QR code strategy, you can do it. Do you want to include them into a digital game, you got it, paste your code into one of the images and make sure is not bend or deform. To assure a good scan from your customers the code should be still, so if you are planning on adding it to a video game, put them on walls, or still objects that won’t be moving during the game.

Take a look at this video to see how this player finds a QR code while playing a Zelda-like game.

Let’s think of a great idea to use QR codes in the real world. If you are a fan of escape rooms and you want to create your own at your house or at a private party at a club or restaurant, you got it! Create your clues, videos, music, etc. Create your QR codes with the help of QR code generator (you can customize them by adding logos or images) select the URL that each QR code will show and print them.

Now you have your QR codes with clues ready to be added to any target, paper or wall in your fantastic escape room.

Why should I use QR code to my game?

As we have been explaining throughout the article, QR codes can really help reach higher engagement levels in both offline and online worlds. However, let’s take a look at how will QR codes help you in your games:

Increase User Engagement

This is the main point of QR codes. Once you add QR codes to your game and make sure the customers understand why you are placing those codes, they will be coming back to get new ones, find rewards and there is a higher chance that they will talk about the game and how it is possible to interact through codes inside and outside the game.

Increase User Adoption

Getting a high user adoption will translate into a better return on your investment and fewer printed materials. When people see other users playing and talking about games with QR codes, they will most likely want to try it too. Generating a word of mouth strategy is critical for your new app, make sure to get all its potential by utilizing QR codes.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Do you need some extra money to update your app? Another great way to drive traffic to your sponsors is to add QR codes so you can drive measurable traffic to a sponsor booth, banner, or luncheon, regardless of its location. However, make sure to give something valuable to the user, or they won’t like the random advertisement. This is an excellent way for people to interact with a sponsor’s brand.

Things to Keep in Mind when using QR codes in games

Make sure that the prize you are giving your users with QR codes matches the effort required to win it.

  • If you place QR codes in hard-to-scan places or the videos, images or websites you are directing them too are not clear, users can become frustrated and leave the game. Make sure everything is always updated and then it is easy to scan the code and understand the clues.

Make sure your users know how to interact with QR games and that they are available.

  • To get people to play your game, you’ll need to tell them about it. Try posting information about the game online, in your email signature, blog facebook wall etc. It is essential that you spend some time creating a short guide for your user explaining what they can expect from your game and codes.

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