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Google QR Code Generator Review

In our previous article we’ve explained how millennials are revitalizing QR codes through the use of messaging apps.

Facebook, Snapchat and Kik are some of the major app providers that really have pushed the envelope allowing their respective users to access special content by scanning specific codes.

This has led the aforementioned demographic to become aware of the QR codes that surround them.

But I digress; what is important to know is that these social platforms are not the only ones encouraging the use of codes. There is yet another. A big one, actually: Google

Google and QR codes

It may come as no surprise that the multinational technology company that we use to do our daily searches, check our emails and download apps – Android users, please stand up! – has entered into the world of QR codes.

But how exactly do they work? Well, let’s find out.

Google URL Shortener

Google has harnessed the power of QR codes by allowing whoever wants to use their URL shortening service to create a code that upon being scanned redirects the user to the actual address. Neat!

Getting the actual QR code is very easy. Go to Google URL Shortener and after pasting the URL you want to shorten, click the drop down icon, select QR Code and that’s it. You can download it and add it to a post or even print it.

Google URL Shortener

Truth be told, the actual size of the rendered code is quite small. Nonetheless, it gets the job done when wanting to promote your already shortened URL address.

Users can scan the code with their mobile devices and dive into the content right away.

Being a Google QR code, you can see how many times it was scanned by checking the logs at Google’s URL shortener website.

All in all, Google’s use of QR codes is great albeit shallow in regards to the code’s size and customization options. But what really stands out is the fact that everyone can create one!

Content wise, possibilities are endless. As long as you input a working URL address, Google will automatically shrink it and have your QR code ready to be used.

There are plenty of QR code generators out there that provide more redirecting options than just the ordinary URL website. As a side note, check out what makes the best QR code generator, the best.

Now, if you want even MORE out of your QR codes, well, you might want to jump into a QR code manager.

From Google’s QR code generator to a QR code manager

A QR code manager allows you to create a QR code much like Google’s QR code generator. The gist is that you can do so much more than that.

QR Code Manager

As we are dealing with Google itself, let’s see how to create a QR code that links to a Google Map with a QR code manager.

There are many redirecting options for you to choose from when creating a QR code via a QR code manager. A Google Map is just one of them.

You can set the address of your company or let your audience know where a particular event takes place. After doing so, the QR code will be ready to go. Still, the QR code experience as a whole has much to offer.

Customizing your Google Map QR Code

As pointed out before, Google’s QR code generator offers no customization options whatsoever. Furthermore, printing quality leaves a lot to be desired.

QR code managers allow you to make your QR code stand out, which is a must if you want to get yours scanned.

Beautifying possibilities are endless. Here are some things you can do with a QR code manager, to name a few:

  • Change the color scheme of the QR code,
  • add a logo and/or background,
  • make the squares look a lot more rounded.

As if that weren’t enough, you can download the QR code as a vector image file to edit it further using software that supports it, like Adobe Illustrator.

Downloading your Google Map QR Code

Speaking of downloading, QR code managers offer the ability to download QR codes as PNG files (best for web or digital platforms) or EPS, PDF or SVG files (best printing qualities).

The latter group of available formats means that you won’t lose resolution while upscaling the QR code.

These are some of the features that make QR code managers special. But what about statistics? Google’s QR code generator has them. Well, QR code managers have them too. In spades.

Retrieving the stats of your Google Map QR Code

QR code managers don’t simply show how many times the QR code’s content was viewed. They provide a plethora of filtering options for you to see how well your QR code is working. You can track:

  • Total number of scans
  • Filtered dates
  • City and neighborhood (depending on the area)
  • Country
  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • Mobile internet browser
  • Gender, age, interests (Some devices may not share this information)

All this data will come in handy to determine if the call to action is still relevant or if it needs to be revised. What’s even more interesting is that you can connect the stats of your QR codes to a Google Analytics account, which will provide even more information.

Back to Google

This last tidbit brings us full circle; Google’s implementation of QR codes, the ability to do even more with a QR code manager, and lastly, the fact that you can connect your codes to Google.

Much like Facebook and Snapchat, Google has found a unique way in which their users can create and interact with QR codes. It has its fare share of limitations; there’s no doubt about it. But it works as a way to communicate how the technology can be applied.

As a first step into the world of QR codes, you might find Google’s attempt exciting. If more is what you want, seek no further. Get your QR code now!

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