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Great QR Codes Uses for Religious Organizations

QR codes are for every type of use, so why shouldn’t religious organizations, churches, synagogues, mosques or any other house of worship be left out? In fact, has provided dynamic QR codes to a large, and growing, number of religious entities across the globe, and they have some very unique uses for them.

Heavenly Links!

Religion is a touchy subject for many people. It’s based on a faith many people feel inside and can’t be argued or explained to non-believers. It’s been around as long as humans have walked this planet. When Johannes Gutenberg, in Mainz, Germany, printed the Bible, using moveable type in the 1450s, there were those who called it heresy. It was, of course, a way to provide Bibles to the masses. So, is the use of QR code technology now something houses of worship should shun? Of course not!

Like any communication tool, QR codes offer religious groups a way to reach out to members and the public using mobile technology, and’s customers have found that dynamic codes help not only spread the word of faith, but they also provide growth and fundraising potentials.

Some Key Dynamic QR Code Uses

In a past article, QR code uses for real estate sales provide the perfect example for houses of worship. Posted on signs in front of churches, etc., QR codes can link to sermons, information about the organization, upcoming events, and even fundraising efforts that can be seen by passers-by.

  1. Make videos of sermons and link them through dynamic QR codes posted in front of houses of worship, posters and flyers so non-members can see them and be drawn in as new members.
  2. Use QR codes linked to donation pages for increased reach and funding. QR codes can even allow your organization/ministry to build a database of followers.
  3. QR codes linked to websites inform the public of events and special celebrations.
  4. Entice a younger, tech-savvy following to bolster attendance in an aging parish.
  5. Provide video and other information about religious structures and religious tourism spots.
  6. Place QR codes on T-shirts of youth group events to share the organization membership information.
  7. Make more information on religious learning available through QR code links to articles and other sources. You can even create printed children’s stories with QR code links to engage young children with videos and music.
  8. Have QR codes linked to videos of religious rock groups for younger followers for the “cool” factor!
  9. Link QR codes to a live webcam, broadcasting services for those who can’t attend services due to physical or distance restrictions (military personnel serving far away can still attend services via internet connections).
  10. Save funds by going digital instead of printing flyers and bulletins. Once a QR code, posted in your house of worship, is scanned, it can be bookmarked for members to check for upcoming sermon subjects and events. It can even provide SMS and email reminders to those who use QR codes to register with a database.

Borrowing Proven QR Code Uses

Businesses have found unique ways to use QR codes for marketing, as well as list building, information retrieval, sharing, and digital convenience. Check out these articles for more ideas on QR code uses that can easily be applied to your organization.

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