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Heineken uses’s QR code to promote future bottle

QR codes to the future

Ever thought about drinking a beer from a bottle designed for the future and, above all, designed by you? Turns out someone listened.
Upon its 140th anniversary, Heineken launched a campaign (which ended 1 March 2013) for designers everywhere to “remix” a bottle of the future.

Heineken future bottle

The Argentine magazine Remix joined forces with audiovisual studio Hit Designers to promote their cool design for Heineken’s future bottle, and interestingly enough, they added a QR code via this QR code generator. Why, you ask? Well, it links to a video of Hit Designers team working on the sticker that contains said QR code, and how they found their way into Remix’s HQ to stamp it on the magazines. Fun stuff!

Yet another great way to use QR codes and promote your work! It reminds me of the guys at Del Monte

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