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How QR Codes Integrate Perfectly With My Social Book

If you’re on Facebook, or just about any popular website lately, you’ve seen the ads for My Social Book, which is a printed collection of your Facebook posts over the past year. While most would scoff at spending any time or money on such a thing, it does hold an interesting thought about how a printed book would work for business. A diary that becomes one hellavu autobiography and marketing tool. Now, just throw in QR codes and watch this thing work!

Be Memorable

What do you get an important client for the year end holiday? Plane tickets? Alcohol? Passes to a big sporting event? A calendar? Even Chinese restaurants pass out hanging bamboo calendars at the end of the year. The difference between all of those gifts is that everyone uses a bamboo calendar.

Yes, it’s expensive for mid-sized companies and smaller businesses to afford extravagant gifts and not acceptable in large corporations. You do, however, want to stand out with something that’s fun but not silly, thoughtful but not misinterpreted, not expensive for you to make but priceless to the recipient. So, why not a copy of My Social Book with a years worth of your Facebook fan/business page?

My Social Book

If you are active with your customers/fans, imagine including a small note that points out their comment appears on page 236, or reminding them their comment on page 162 made you laugh. It is something that aspires to be a favorite coffee table book.

Make QR Codes Make My Social Book Special

Did you post any videos over the past year? Maybe you want to make a video every day and chat with followers, recapping a great day… or not so great day. If it’s under three minutes in length, you’d be surprised how many people will watch it. How do you include these videos or maybe just links to something you posted from another source? Enter QR codes!

(*Note: while the video shows video popping out of the book, it doesn’t happen… unless you use a QR code!)

Since there’s a few great free QR code generator sites around, the production costs are zero. Get cozy with one QR code generator you like and start spitting out those QR codes, assigned to the links you want people to visit.

Remember, that if you use a site that offers free dynamic QR codes, you can always recycle the QR code later with another URL. Make sure the QR code generator you use has dynamic codes.

When you post something with a link, import a QR code (at least 250-300 pixels wide) into a comment just below the link image and link (use the camera icon to import from your desktop) and when you have your My Social Book printed, there will be links galore people can visit via their device of choice.

But My Social Book is WEIRD!

Yes, it is if that’s not your taste and you think it won’t work for you. So, can you take away any marketing ideas from how QR codes would pump up the book? There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing with your brochures and fliers. QR codes fit on your business card, refrigerator magnets, pocket calendars and anything else you print (and even some digital uses!).

The whole point of a QR code is to further engage the viewer and immerse them in your brand and products. My Social Book may not be special as it is — but it could be!

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