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Implement QR codes successfully in all your campaigns

Today we bring you a unique guide to implement QR codes successfully, no matter your endeavour. You can use this article as a guide to understanding how to use QR codes in any area of your business and how to set the objectives of any QR codes campaign for success.

There are many different ways to use QR codes for your business. Every business will have a different best use for QR codes. However, all the applications we give to QR codes share the same idea: allow customers or prospects an easy way to access online content quickly and easily from their smartphone.

Don’t stop there, think of QR codes as part of a more significant process like product registrations or contest entries etc. Think outside the box, spice things up and make everything more interesting.

How to implement QR codes successfully

The uses of QR codes are endless, but the most essential thing a QR code must do is to provide VALUE to the consumer by making something more accessible and straightforward.

Here are different ways to add value to your QR codes:

Responsiveness is the key

If you are going to use a QR code, make the process straight to the point, don’t waste people’s time. Make sure that if you are connecting consumers to web content, that it is formatted for mobile. Take into the account that your customers or prospects will be scanning your QR codes from their smartphones and the material you are showing them must be responsive. There is nothing worse than going through a whole list of objectives and through a marketing strategy to forget something so simple as making the content in the web responsive. If you don’t do so, the result of your campaign or use of QR codes will result in a bad experience.   

Be unforgettable, be likable

If you provide your target consumer with something extra of value and free of charge, they will become much more likely to purchase, interact, or just remember your brand, product or service in a more positive light. QR codes are the tool to facilitate that; the rest is up to you. Implement QR codes successfully by making them worth your customers time, reward them for their efforts!

Educate your audience

Be sure to somehow educate people on how to use the QR code, and what they can expect to receive if they engage with it. Add simple instructions to the side of your flyers, brochures or cards, make sure they are easy to follow and very visual.

Make a Strong Call to Action

Don’t just place a small QR code on the corner of your poster and sit down to wait for engagement. Instead, build your poster around the QR code and emphasize the reward for scanning the code! Again, it’s all about the value and great experiences.

Test, Test, and Test again

QR codes are like everything else if you want them to work well and get good results you need to test them. Make sure the URL is correct, the landing page shows what you want to explain to your customers, and that experience is simple and straightforward. If your customer has poor first experience with your QR code, they will most likely never engage with it ever again.

To sum up

Depending on the type of business, product or service oriented, there is a myriad of ways to use QR codes to your advantage with a little effort. Remember always to make sure to follow these five keys that we share with you today to implement QR codes successfully. You will assure a pleasant and comfortable experience to the customer, they will receive a reward for their efforts, and your brand will be remembered the next time they need to buy or contract a product or service you offer. It’s all about great experiences to make your brand remarkable!

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