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Child disappearances are no fictional neither joke events. They take place every year, in every country. In the U.S numbers round 800.000 missing children per year, in the UK 1 child is reported missing every three minutes, in Germany more than 100.000 each one, in Argentina 7182 children have gone missing last year,  and we could continue to list every country’s child disappearances.

There are many organizations that try to find these people and return them to their beloved ones all over the world. Deutschland Findet euch is a campaign created by Initiative Vermisste Kinder in Germany that has become the biggest network for searching missing children. This wonderful organization has implemented many different ways of reaching people and create as many social consciousness as possible, some of these were making a public figure such as a football (soccer) player enter the field with a picture of a missing child, instead of a child as it is usual, they’ve also put posters that draw people’s attention to their platform, they even created an app that informs the user if a child goes missing and where, and what he/she looks like and with a button that connects directly to an emergency hotline.

Within these and many other spectacular ways of spreading information, this organization has partnered with for the creation of dynamic QR codes. Each QR code links the user to the missing children’s profile -even when they’re all controlled by Deutschland Findet euch– which can be modified any time the organization wants in case the kid were seen in a different place or were found, in case any data had been mistakenly written, which can be tracked, etc. All of these innovative and creative ways of spreading information so efficiently are the reasons why they’ve become the largest missing children platform, created over 120.000.000 contacts, having over 100.000 helpers on Facebook, reuniting many families. We are glad to announce we are now part of it.

Missing Children Search

In we believe it extremely important to be active in such campaigns, as this one is, and we encourage everybody to do so. It is a matter of utter importance that we all fight this phenomenon. We society must take action to reduce the number of missing children, and find those who have disappeared; and that’s why we are so proud to participate in this campaign, as well as the ones with Child Quest International, Missing Children and other Amber Alert organizations. You might be lucky enough not to have to go through the pain and despair it causes to lose one member of your family to stranger hands, but you might also not be. It can happen to anyone, any moment. That is something that shouldn’t and cannot be.

Suche Vermisster Kinder - Missing Children

These missing children organizations are an example that must be followed. They do everything they can to help people, children, families they do not even know. They’re heroes. They say:”we will find you”, and they work as hard as they can everyday to accomplish that for you, for us, for them. is now included in that we, what are you waiting for to be included too?

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