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Lay’s uses’s QR codes for some tasty ads!

[blockquote1]I presume I’m not the only fan of Lay’s chips. They sure are the number one snacks to have at a party. May be it has to do with their shape, their flavor or even the way they crunch in your mouth… I sure have to have some before I carry on with this article.[/blockquote1]

The Spanish branch of PepsiCo Foods, the company behind the famous snacks, has created QR codes via to promote their Spanish Facebook fan page.

The Lay’s FB page allows fans to delve into the history of these famous chips as well as all their different formats and packages.

Now, for instance, PepsiCo Foods looks proud to announce their new easy-close strap to ensure that once the package is opened, the chips won’t get bland inside! Check out this exclusive video to find out how this is done:

And that’s not all what the chips can gain from QR codes and Facebook. Since we are dealing with a link to a fan page, engagement is key. Customers can share their experiences through photos, videos and comments and help PepsiCo Foods provide a better and interactive product.

It’s interesting to point out that food products and manufacturers have found great success while using QR codes. There was for example the Italian food brand Giovanni Rana’s use of QR codes (created with!) to promote their most exquisite products, its history, its recipes and even its secrets Tricks, and Del Monte’s sweepstakes, which gave away an ounce of 24-carat gold to multiple winners in their pirate-themed pineapple promotion.

Del Monte and Giovanni Rana logos

Lay’s use of QR codes may come as no surprise but what it does imply is that even the most recognizable brands use QR codes in order to promote their products even further, demystifying once again the state in which QR codes are; they are definitely not dead and this is a great example of how a simple use can trigger loads of interaction between, in this case, snacks lovers.

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