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Merry QRistmas – Great QR Code Uses for Gifts and Sales

Last year we covered how people could use free dynamic QR codes for personal use during the holidays and while they are still great ideas, we wanted to cover some great uses businesses can do with QR codes to help sales, engage customers, and make for a happy and prosperous season.

Most businesses rely on the Christmas season for a majority of their yearly sales, which explains why the season now starts three days before Halloween. It’s also a great time to use QR codes for sales, promotions and customer engagement!

Show Your Wares!

Many top manufacturers have learned that the best way to sell their products is to include a QR code linked to a video of how the product works. It creates excitement and closes the sale. If you use a little imagination, even small retailers can use QR codes to help boost sales. Here’s some ideas:

If you own a bakery or restaurant, a QR code linked to a video of how you prepare certain dishes and baked good will cause a psychological trigger to make people hungry (that’s how fast food and snack commercials lure people in). Think of the Food Network and all cooking shows. Talk about what goes into your products and show the process to the finished dish. QR codes placed on product tags or signage in your front window are the ideal places to capture walk-by traffic.

If you do postcard mailings to people on an interest list, linking to a coupon or announcing special seasonal merchandise is a great way to bring people back to you business.

Build a mailing list by placing table tents with QR codes that help people register with a click or two. Then you can use the list all year round! You can also include a QR code that links to your Yelp page to build online reviews. Remember that over 75% of customers check out a business online before shopping there.

Link via a QR code to your menu or product list (remember to use a mobile site so people can investigate it on their mobile devices). If people like your merchandise, they will bookmark your site for future patronage.

Have a warm and humorous video greeting card like the ones we spotlighted in this QRistmas article. A great one is sure to be shared and go viral!

No matter what you sell or what service you provide, placing a QR code on all of your printed material, like hangtags, receipts, menus, ads, flyers, posters, handbills, etc. will extend your marketing efforts. As you can generate a dynamic QR code (and they are recycleable!), you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Important Rules for QR Code Usage

Although you can use QR codes for anything you can imagine, there a certain rules you need to follow for using them successfully.

Make sure they can be scanned

– If the code is too small or placed somewhere hard to scan on your phone, people will not be able to access your content.

Have a clear call to action

– People aren’t just going to see a code and scan it. Make sure there’s an explanation of what the person will get for scanning the code. Let them know they will get a discount coupon, see new products, watch a video demonstration, or whatever you want them to see.

Have a mobile-friendly website

– as people will use their mobile device for scanning, so they should land on either a YouTube video or a mobile website designed especially for viewing on a mobile device. A responsive website will read the incoming device and adjust for viewing.

Push people to scan the codes in your place of business

– when a customer is happy, that’s the best time to have them sign up for a mailing list, leave you great ratings on Yelp or follow you on Twitter. Make sure all of your employees work scanning a QR code into their sales pitch.

Have fun!

– Make sure your QR codes are linked to something fun, engaging and entertaining. People who scan the codes should get something out of it, whether discounts, an education or a laugh.

Check Out QR Code Stats First

Thinking of using QR codes? Why not check out the free stats app and see the latest up-to-date stats on who is scanning codes, what their age is, gender and location. It’ll certainly make your Christmas merry!

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