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Merry QRistmas! Holiday QR Code Ideas

The holidays are approaching and it’s time for consumers to find out that stores are using QR codes for purchasing power. It’s also time to use a free QR code generator site to create your own QR code for a very wowwie Christmas!

This season, you will find QR codes on price tags which provide links to similar items of interest, on purchase receipts that link to discounts, or on items that compliment the purchase, and “Santa Tags” for presents that take the recipient to a personalized voice message from the gift giver.

Santa tag

There are QR codes that show instructional videos for putting together toys, that are part of a storybook, and there are greeting cards with QR codes that allow you to create a family video for a very personal, and delightful holiday touch.

When I was a kid, many people would send a Christmas “newsletter” outlining what their family had been up to for the year. While some people thought it to be a bit “corny,” it was a great way to catch up before the days of email, and Facebook (even before MySpace). Little Debbie went to her first prom, Pop-pop passed away, Billy got his driver’s license…and went to prison on the very same day, etc. Say what you will, it was heartwarming, and it confirmed everyone’s belief that Billy was no good. Evolve that idea with a picture of the family, embedded with a beautified QR code, linked to a video of Billy’s trial, Pop-pop’s funeral, and Debbie at six-months pregnant!

Christmas code

Unfortunately, based on the massive layoffs at Hallmark Cards, sending printed greeting cards has become a thing of the past. Today most people use texts and email for holiday greetings, so why not take that family photo, add one of the aforementioned beautified QR codes with a link to a video taken with your smartphone, and attach that to your e-message.

Giving a big gift like a car, a vacation, concert tickets, an elephant (it could happen!), or something that can’t be wrapped and placed in the living room? Place a QR code on a piece of paper and wrap that. Link it to a video, or a photo of the actual present, and watch the recipient freak out because they thought it was going to be some cheap gift card. Even better, put a QR code on a tiny piece of paper, place that in a small wrapped box, place that in a bigger wrapped box, and so on for five or six boxes for fun, and annoyance. If you really want to bust someone’s chops, print out a QR code and cut it into a dozen or so pieces, and place them into a wrapped box so the recipient has to solve a jigsaw puzzle before scanning the code to see their gift.

Buy someone a premium Spotify app for their phone, and they can scan the QR code and instantly start the playlist. Music in the Spotify playlists span nearly every interest, and occasion including, of course, holiday music!

Make an actual book with pictures and QR codes on each page so people can scan each code, and hear the story through a video that you’ve made.

Having a holiday party? Why not make it easier on guests by sending a QR code linked to a map of the party’s location? Include photos, links to the menu, and any other information that will be helpful.

There are a thousand and one creative ideas for QR code usage that can make the holidays more joyful for our family, elders, and loved ones. Mixing the latest technological advances with the traditional celebrations we have practiced for so long is what the holidays are all about. Whatever you celebrate, no matter what time of the year, may it be filled with joy, love, and QR code technology!

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