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Introducing’s New Dashboard – Unleash The Full Power of Your QR Codes Today!

REJOICE fellow QR code users and newcomers! After months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of’s new dashboard!

We at are always seeking new ways to improve our QR code manager. Not only that but we also want to provide the best user experience out there. This is no easy task, let me tell you.

Our creative and productive efforts were put to the test. We have been studying the exponential growth of QR code usage, as well as gathering your feedback which is much appreciated.

Now, feeling confident enough, we would like to share our next endeavor with you. After all, it wouldn’t have been possible without your continued support 🙂

That being said, you might be wondering, what is this new dashboard you speak of? Well, let’s get into it!

Streamlined QR Code Management

Upon creating an account or logging in to an existing one, you will instantly notice the fresh new look that we are going for; a flat and minimal design that showcases all what you need to know right from the get-go.

We have also introduced a new feature: Start tour. As the name implies, all what you have to do is click it and the system will guide you through the basics; from creating your first Project, to choosing the content of your QR codes.

QR Code Manager Tour

Organize your QR Code Projects

Projects are the new Campaigns.

The terminology has been changed in order to keeps things clear and simple. Much like the old campaigns, projects work as folders in which you can store multiple QR codes – organization is key.

From here you will be able to access each individual QR code. Within the list you will also be able to see where they are redirecting to, view their respective stats, download them, and search for a specific QR code.

One new option that has been added is the ability to archive QR codes and projects. This is a welcomed feature for those who want to deactivate a QR code or a project without deleting it.

Archive QR Codes

After creating a project, you will be able to…

Create your QR Code 2.0

Following the design decisions mentioned above, creating a QR code has never been easier. It is super sleek too thanks to the added benefit of having a preview of the QR code right next to its details.

For starters, you can name your QR code, give it a description and tag it! Yes, you read that right; you can enter tags that will help you filter all QR codes that are associated to them within the QR codes list.

Regarding the content of your QR code, the usual redirection types are here:

  • Website URL: Connect your QR code to a website of your choosing.
  • Mobile Page: Create your own mobile page. Insert your content, modify it, add images, videos, links and more. Ideal for people to access your resume.
  • vCard: The electronic business card. Store your contact information (first and last name, phone number, email, address). When people scan your QR code, the information will be instantly added to their digital address book.
  • File Download: Upload a file (MP3, MOV, PDF) of up to 5 MB for people to download to their mobile devices after scanning your QR code.
  • Google Map: Insert a full address for people to locate your company or store via Google Maps.
  • YouTube Video: Have people watch a YouTube video by scanning your QR code. Ideal for video tutorials or music clips.
  • Social Network: Connect your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts to your QR code for people to follow you. Get likes, tweets and +1’s by enabling the widget of your chosen social network.
  • PayPal Account: Allow customers to transfer money to your PayPal account with their mobile devices. Receive payments and donations easily, directly through your QR code.
  • App Store: Connect your QR code to your app’s URL addresses. People will be redirected to the app store that matches their mobile devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows).

After choosing your content, which you can preview, simply save and you will be ready to move on to the next step:

Customize your QR Code to your heart’s content

Most of our articles revolve around the fact that QR codes have to have a simple and enticing call to action. It is the most important aspect to have in mind when planning a QR code marketing strategy.

One could argue that there is yet another thing that is as crucial as the former; to make your QR code stand out from the rest, visually speaking. Without further ado, we give you the Ultimate QR Code Beautifier.

We have retooled our beautifying platform to allow you to customize your QR code just as you like it. Period.

Basic options are still here but we have also introduced an advanced set of ones: you can edit a QR code’s squares, change its body shape, choose colors, and more.

If you upload your logo, the system will place it in the middle automatically. It will even rearrange the QR code’s patterns and error correction level if you want to make the logo look bigger or smaller.

With the ultimate QR code beautifier, customization options are literally endless. Not for one QR code, but to all.

Create QR Code templates

The Design tab we have introduced has two options: landing page template and QR code template.

The former pretty much speaks for itself, allowing users to come up with cool landing page designs. The latter, on the other hand, was a feature that has been requested by many. Patience goes a long way!

QR code templates can be applied to a single QR code, multiple ones, a project or to your entire account. Pretty neat, huh?

QR Code templates

The process is quite simple: click the plus icon to create a new template, name it, customize your QR code and save.

Whether you want to have your logo on all your QR codes, or you want them to have the same color scheme, you will waste no time by creating a QR code template.

Rounding up the new and the old

To wrap things up neat and tidy, here is a list of all the new dashboard features we have introduced:

  • streamlined design workflow to facilitate QR code creation and management,
  • get to know the platform by starting the tour,
  • stay on the right track with pop-up notifications,
  • organize QR codes in projects,
  • archive unused QR codes or projects without having to delete them,
  • filter QR codes by creating tags,
  • share a QR code’s content by copy-pasting its short URL anywhere on the web,
  • customize QR codes with endless possibilities,
  • create QR code and landing page design templates and apply them to a single QR code, multiple ones, a project or to your entire account.

As for the old yet enhanced features, here they are:

  • choose a QR code’s content from a plethora of redirection types,
  • download QR codes as a raster (PNG) or a vector image (PDF, SVG or EPS),
  • view the statistics of a QR code or a project, and connect your account to a Google Analytics ID.

Finally, the time has come to share with you…

The reason behind the upgrade

YOU. It is all about you. Our greatest desire is to provide you with the best user experience possible.

QR codes are means to share unique content that is only available after scanning them. As such, we would like you to have all the tools at your disposal in order to achieve this.

We have reprogrammed and redesigned our QR code manager to allow your creativity to flourish to its maximum degree. All endeavors are welcomed to try it; from the biggest marketing campaign imaginable to the warmest of Christmas scavenger hunts.

QR codes are for everyone and for you as well.

I hope you liked this article – a little touchy, I know. But in any case, let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Feedback regarding the new dashboard is much appreciated 🙂

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