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ONO uses QR codes to play and win

ONO Connects Spring through QR Codes

Years ago, the debate over video games as forms of communication was minor and even irrelevant. Today, video games communicate ideas and even tell stories. While the main focus of the video game industry is this, there are studios that are dedicated solely and exclusively to create social experiences through the networks we well know.

Games like, Candy Crush, Farmville or veteran Tetris generate a great attraction by users, fueling the desire to reach the highest score.

Farmville, Tetris y Candy Crush

It is by no coincidence that this leads to more and more companies to adopt video games as a means to promote and strengthen ties with its users.

ONO, the leading alternative provider of fixed line telecommunications services (fixed telephony, broadband and pay TV band) and a leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Spain, has launched a campaign that is getting lots of clapping together with advertising agency Grey España, called “Spring Connect” featuring great prizes. From smartphones and tablets, to a sum of 3000 euros.

To enter the contest, users must scan ONO’s QR code, register and play the game Gnomes Vs Bugs. Those who obtain the highest scores will receive the prizes provided by the company. The contest ends in June 2014. Wake up!

The premise of ONO, like that of many companies transiting the XXI century, is to actively integrate users. To use a QR code encourages just that. And to take five or ten minutes to play a video game, and receive a reward for it, is always welcome.

Congratulations on the campaign, and thank you for choosing as a dynamic QR codes provider!

If you’re intrigued by the game, you can view a video of it here:

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