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Full QR Analytics – Track the Statistics of Your QR Codes and Projects

Continuing with the articles regarding our new dashboard, we will now focus on one feature that although it was available since the beginning, it has been overhauled to include more options. Welcome to QR analytics.

The ability to view the statistics of your QR codes is a must in order to study their evolution over a period of time.

The data you can retrieve will help you determine whether or not a call to action has to be course corrected, how well you are engaging your targeted audience and more.

Here’s all the information that you will be able to track down:

  • Unique page views
  • Page views
  • Daily analytics
  • Countries and cities
  • Audience
  • Operating systems
  • Mobile devices

Having said that, let’s see…

How to view the statistics of a QR Code

Log in to your account and follow these steps in order to view the statistics of a QR code:

  1. Click Manage project,
  2. click QR setup, and
  3. click Stats.

Alternatively, you can click the stats icon under “Actions” within “List of QR codes”.

You can filter the statistics between a range of dates, download a report as a PDF, and connect them to a Google Analytics account.

How to view the statistics of a Project

You can not only view the statistics of a QR Code, but of an entire project as well. It’s as simple as clicking Statistics right next to the project at hand.

As if that weren’t enough, they can also connect a QR code’s statistics to a Google Analytics account.

Log in to your account and follow these steps in order to do so:

  1. Click Manage project,
  2. click QR setup,
  3. click More options,
  4. insert your Google Analytics ID, and
  5. click Save and apply changes.

Statistics are the key

QR analytics must be treated as an integral part of an entire QR code campaign. Having said that, we want to provide you with all of this information precisely so that you can achieve your goals all throughout your QR code endeavors.

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