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Upload files to your QR codes

Attach file to your QR codes to download from mobile

The phrase “you can’t always get what you want” doesn’t apply to and that’s because we give you just what you want and need. You want people to download your band’s latest song on mp3 through your QR code? You got it! You wanna update your resume and link it to your business card? Why not! You wanna share your app with the world? says OK! We have launched our brand new “File Download” feature just for that. Imagine updating a document you’re working on and instantly sharing it with your team to download to their devices, wherever they are.

Just go to your Dashboard on, click on the orange button and select File Download. You can upload ANY kind of file (3MB maximum) to and make it available to anyone spotting your code. You want to update it? No problem: remember that our QR codes are recyclable, so you can change the file any time you want without changing the QR code. OR switch to another option like the “Website URL” to connect it to your website (or any content online), the “Social” option to get Facebook likes, tweets, or G+1 on your desired content, or “PayPal”, to easily get payment from your customers on the go! And there’s much more 😉

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