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Time to beautify your QR code!

Let’s get QR-sexy!

It’s a fact, beautiful things naturally catch people’s eyes. It’s the law of attraction…what can we say! So why not beautify your QR and make it stand out? lets you generate and give your QR code a little more pizazz with its beautifier! You can make it bright pink with rough edges if you’re feeling wild! Pick green with smooth edges is your feeling Zen! Or add a logo or picture to your QR code if you want to make your mark! Just click on the color palette and see what piece of art you can make out of your QR. This beautifier works for all your QR codes. We say pick, play and choose. First, think of the color you want your QR code to be based on what you will be using it for. Then, pick the background color. Something that matches or clashes…no biggie, just make sure that the inside of your QR code is darker than the outside. This will save you lots of headaches. If the inside of the QR is too light, people won’t be able to spot it easily! After you are done giving life and color to your QR code, give at en edge…literally. gives you the choice to make the edges of the QR code smoother, cutting out the rough edges if you will. So if you care to, you can make your QR look a little less boxy. Having the choice of making it a little less rough around the edges may make whatever you’re using your QR code for, a little prettier. Just saying!

And if color and shape isn’t enough, then stick a picture on it. Maybe it’s your company’s logo or a picture of your beloved pet. Maybe you’ll choose the picture that best suits your QR code. Are you selling a bike? A TV? Your car? Put a picture of it on the QR code and catch the attention of the passerby. Who knows! All we know is that we want to see more beautiful QRs out there, so go ahead play around!

Click here to start creating sexy QR codes

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