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QR Code Business Uses: Real Estate

House shopping taught me a hard learned personal lesson. It involved driving around for days, looking at pinpointed neighborhoods, writing down home addresses and phone numbers from the listing signs on the front lawns, and then the joy of making appointments with the listing agents to see the properties. 99% of the time, the inside of the home was an immediate turn off. The process of drive and stalk, then make appointments limited my wife and I to seeing four or five homes per week. Not efficient enough for the effort. If only there was a better way to see what’s inside the house before going through the whole listing agent process for just one place.

Realtor house QR code

Naturally, savvy real estate agents have started using QR codes for that very same reason. Casual shoppers scanning codes on lawn signs, flyers or any other printed material can link to a video tour of the property and decide if it’s worth making an appointment to see the inside with the listing agent. In essence, it not only makes things easier on the buyer, but it also saves time for the agent, who handles multiple buyers.

Remax QR codes

Free QR code generators, especially those with dynamic codes (the ability to call up scanning information and analytics) have many unique uses for real estate agents. The marketing possibilities are bound only by your imagination.

Real Estate QR code flyer

QR codes affixed to signs and other printed material will create business. Here’s a few ways QR codes can help your business:

  • Service interested buyers before or after hours or days your office is closed. Instant information on properties 24/7.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Register buyers if they want further information.
  • Entice buyers shopping without an agent to register with you as their agent.
  • Register buyers and notify them of a price drop or other information on properties in which they have shown interest.
  • Offer exclusive content to buyers who register with you. It can be ebooks on home shopping, loan information or suggestions of mortgage brokers.
  • Promote your Facebook or Twitter accounts or blog. Remember the power of social media will grow your list of prospects, as well as convince sellers that you are tied into a large pool of potential buyers.
  • Promote Your Listings via the codes and give them the ability to share with friends who are house hunting.
  • Create digital mailing lists to notify buyers of open houses and other calendar events.
  • Show buyers other listings of yours via a map of the area.
  • Putting free QR codes on your business stationery is an easy gateway for potential clients to join your social networks or save time on registration paperwork to become a client.

With these few, simple additions to your marketing, you’ll find you increase your client base but handle it more efficiently. What a great way to keep that New Year’s resolution to take your business to higher level.

Realtor QR code condo

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