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QR Code Business Uses: Restaurants

QR codes are continuing to be discovered by businesses that never considered them as a marketing tool, but as consumers become more savvy about their purchase, businesses need to offer more information BEFORE the sale is made. In the case of restaurants, diners want more information about the food, specials, and prices before they ever walk in, or at least more information before they order.

A high percentage of diners will check out a restaurant’s reviews online before they consider eating there. Still, pictures of dishes, and specialties, usually mentioned in reviews, are not enough for ever increasing concerns about ingredients, and how those dishes are prepared.

The popularity of cooking shows, and such food shows as Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives have people fascinated with how food is prepared. If your restaurant is featured on a show, such as DD&D, you can expect an increase in business from curious customers who want to try one of the dishes they saw prepared. Now imagine your menu has a QR code next to a dish, which allows diners to see a video of how the dish is prepared.

Too often, the waitperson isn’t exactly sure what items, types of meat, vegetables, and spices are used in a dish. If you have certain food allergies, asking endless questions about the preparation of a dish, if not answered correctly, can mean pain, a trip to the hospital, or death. A video, or at least a list of ingredients would be a welcomed addition to every menu.

Having a well-known chef, or at least one with impressive credentials, running his/her own mini cooking show on a short video, will also build a familiarity for your establishment. It builds trust, loyalty, and an excitement that will drive return visits from satisfied customers. Chances are, they will also share the videos on their own social media accounts. That’s the kind of marketing you want to drive traffic into your establishment.

Even items such as bottled water, specialty cocktails, and items from your wine list should have QR codes for more information. In the end, it will mean less returns to the kitchen, which cuts waste, negative reviews, and, as mentioned, continued shared marketing.

It’s more than just food. By placing table tents on each table, that has a QR code, linked to your Yelp, UrbanSpoon, or other review sites, or even your Facebook page, catches satisfied diners right at their highest point in their dining experience, and assures you of a very positive review.

So, by using a free QR code generator, you can assign a link to each menu item, review sites, specials and discounts, or just a personal “thank you” from the owner. A delicious way to feed your business marketing!

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