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share your digital menu in a QR Code with your customers

Your visitors will scan the QR Code to download your restaurant menu in PDF or as an image. Quick and easy!

For less than 5 dollars a month!

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How to create a PDF menu QR Code

It takes 3 minutes to make a QR Code with your contactless menu, in 3 simple steps

Upload menu

Log in to upload your menu in PDF or image format. It will be automatically attached to a QR Code. You can upload multiple PDF to the same QR!

Print QR Code

Download your QR Code to your computer. Send it to the printer, and voilà! the QR code menu is served.

Place it

Once the QR Code is printed, place it where people can easily scan it. For example on table tents, walls and restaurant windows.

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Reusable QR Code

Change the contents of the QR Code as many times as you need. Upload a new menu every day if required. There's no limit of uploads!

Up to 10 PDF per QR

Upload up to 10 PDF per QR Code. Make it simpler for your customers to choose from different food categories. Upload a different PDF for each!

We are here to help

Do you need assistance in creating your Digital Menu? let us help! We can send you the QR Code with your menu working.

Start for as low as 5 dollars a month

Do you need to update your menu often? No need to reprint the QR code menu.

The QR Code is dynamic, so you can always use the same one —no need to reprint anything. If you need to update its contents daily, simply login back to uQR.me and upload the new version of the menu to the same QR Code. It will be updated automatically everywhere.

Your customers will feel safe

For you to take care of your customers' health and safety, it has always been a top priority. As part of the foodservice industry, digital menus and QR Code restaurant ordering are a must-have to keep assuring your venue comply with social distancing and hygiene new rules. Keep everyone safe.

Restaurant PDF download

Design your own QR Code menu with logo

Make it yours. Add your colors to the QR Code, make it rounded, and add your logo. Your menu will be in everybody's phone.

The QR Code menu or digital menu is a must-have for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels nowadays, especially after the COVID lockdown. Everyone is excited to come back to those dining nights, brunches, and coffee breaks.
We are returning to a “new normal” that will request a few updates in our way of interacting with customers.

Keeping the social distance and avoiding contact with objects will be a must for everyone. Paper menus that used to pass from hand to hand will be to prevent. That’s where contactless QR Code menus for restaurant ordering come into play.

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FAQs about the QR Code menu

My restaurant menu is not in PDF format. What other file extensions do you support?

We recommend using a PDF file, but you can also use any image format like JPG, GIF, or PNG. Our system supports all of them. Register here to start a 14-day free trial.

I don’t have a digital copy of my restaurant menu. What can I do?

No worries! There are many options. For a quick fix, you can take a picture of your physical menu and upload it to your QR Code. You could also use a free program like canva.com to create the menu in a few minutes and then upload it to your QR Code. Another easy solution will be to create it using our mobile page builder, which works just like Word or Google docs. It’s dead simple! If you need assistance to set it up, say hi in the chat window.

Is there any size limit for the upload of the file to the QR code?

The size limit is five mega. If your menu file is heavier than that, consider compressing it more. If you need to ample your limit, please contact us in the chat.

What’re the best dimensions for the menu file?

Keep in mind that your customers will scan and download your restaurant menu to their smartphones. So if you can keep the design in one column, with a text size not smaller than 18px, it will be easier to scroll and read.

Can I upload more than 1 PDF per QR Code?

With our service, yes! You can upload multiple PDF for your different menu categories (e.g., wines, pizzas, meats, vegan, kids, and so on). It will display a well-designed menu.

How much does it cost? what’s the pricing?

It will depend on how many different QR codes you will need. If you have only one digital menu, then one QR Code will be more than enough. After the 14-day free trial, the discounted price for up to 2 QR codes is around 50 USD a year. Please chat with us for more information on how to set up yours.

Let us help you with the task

We know that sometimes QR codes can be overwhelming. Do you have a printed menu that you want to make digital? Contact us via chat, and we'll help you to upload it to a QR code. It will take 5 minutes, tops!

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In only 3 minutes, all your menu will be accessible from a QR code, using any smartphone.
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