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QR Code Expansion and Image Recognition App

More good news for QR code usage in print/video-to-digital marketing. Some recent news of companies and acquisitions spell out increased use of QR codes in more digital marketing and user experience.

QR Codes With Image Recognition Software

In its own way, QR codes are image recognition. Most people know what they are and how to use them. The problem seems to be getting people to open their QR code scanning app and scan codes. As covered in the article about Augmented Reality and image recognition of QR codes, expect apps that will “spot” QR codes in your immediate environment.

Matt Mills, in his TED talk on image recognition gives a few examples of image recognition with Augmented Reality, but QR codes will be taking advantage of that technology much sooner and possibly in tandem when AR gains popularity and consumers are vested in wearable devices.

Shazam, the handy app that hears audio (music) and recognizes what song it is, announced that users with the latest version of the app can now scan images and QR codes that will offer access to interactive content and more.

[pullquote]“Starting today, users with the latest version of Shazam installed on their mobile phones can simply open the app and tap the new camera icon to start the visual experience. Whenever they wave their phone over any item with the Shazam camera logo on it or a QR Code, they’ll instantly get taken to custom mobile experiences including interactive content, special offers, and ability to purchase items or share them with others.”[/pullquote]

With more than 100 million monthly active users, Shazam’s use of QR codes in their image recognition app will be used for select companies participating in the initial launch include The Walt Disney Company, Target, HarperCollins Publishers, Esquire, Time Inc, Outfront Media, Guerlain, Evian, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and the Phenix Groupe, just to name a few of these business powerhouses.

QR Code Usage About to Expand

Yet another kick to those who declared QR code dead in 2012, whatsapp (real time messaging app creator) is using QR codes for and now has bought! With these two additional power players entrenching themselves in QR code technology, the public will see even more uses for QR codes, just like cities all over the world.

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