QR Code Guide

QR Code Guide

Know everything about QR codes; since their invention and purpose, to the best uses for creating a successful marketing campaign. All through unique content and very productive strategies.

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Lucas G.By Lucas G.
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Today, creating a QR code is a very simple task and anyone can scan it using a mobile device. But the point is to know how to use it and above all, to have a great idea (aka campaign strategy) behind the code itself.


This Guide is for You

The guide is aimed at a wide range of people; from those who want to discover the world of QR codes for the first time, to marketing companies seeking for PRO information.

QR Code as a Launchpad

Scanning a QR code is a launchpad to many possible destinations. But first, you’ll need people to actually scan it! And that will depend  on how appealing the destination will be, along with its call-to-action.

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Our contribution brings years of experience and a wide scope of customers (+90’000 of them across the world), that have proven the importance and profitability of QR codes.

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