Static QR Code vs Dynamic QR Code

3 Things Dynamic QR Codes Do

(that static QR codes don’t)

QR Link Update

Change the content of your QR code as many times as you like by logging into the control panel of your preferred dynamic QR code generator. You can also setup a smart redirecting to access different contents depending on mobile operating system, geolocation or time of the day.

QR Visitors Tracking

Measure your QR code action and Return On Investment (ROI) by tracking its visits. Know your visitor city, operating system, gender, age range, interests and more. “Making decisions without metrics is like driving with eyes closed” – Gregory Ciotti

Dynamic QR Code Cloud Bundle

Using the right QR code generator will let you access cloud features like setting up a mobile landing page to embed Google Maps, images, titles, texts and more. Attach files to download from the QR; like PDF, MP3, videos, etc. Create dynamic vCards, and more.

QR Code Types Comparison Chart

Pros and cons taking into account setup skills needed, ROI effectivity, tech limitations and budget.

(Light-blue for Bad, Salmon-red for Good)

Static QR Codes

Retrieve statistics: 10%

Maintaining fees: 85%

Update redirection: 1%

Works with no internet: 80%

QR design effectivity: 80%

Any file download: 1%

Return on investment: 10%

Dynamic QR Codes

Retrieve statistics: 99%

Maintaining fees: 15%

Update redirection: 99%

Works with no internet: 0%

QR design effectivity: 80%

Any file download: 99%

Return on investment: 90%

Long story short:

When to use Static QR Codes:

The main reason to use them instead of dynamic QR codes, would be if you need the QR code to work even without internet. It’s an extreme scenario, where the potential visitor doesn’t have access to internet on her mobile device. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine that situation though. If you are on ZERO budget, you’re sure you won’t be interested in tracking your QR visits and you’re convinced you won’t need to change where your QR is pointing to, a static QR code may suit you.

When to use Dynamic QR Codes:

Today, the most viable option would be to use dynamic QR codes since they are recyclable. You may want to update or change the content of your QR code if needed and this action is instant. And you won’t need to reprint all your material again. You will be able to track your QR visitors in-depth, attach PDFs to your QRs, access the cloud QR bundle, update your vCards without reprinting your business cards; create smart app downloads (depending on the OS, the QR will lead to one store or the other) and much more.