How to Track and Measure QR Codes

Retrieve your QR code stats in a plethora of ways and improve your ROI.

Now, it’s Time to Track Results.

Dynamic QR Codes will let you track your QR visits.
Here are some points to take into count:

QR Live Data

The stats of your dynamic QR codes can be accessed instantly and they are always up-to-date. Offering a complete rundown of your live QR code campaign, and allowing you to take quick actions.

Full Stats Access

View all your QR code stats information. Commonly, dynamic QR code generators will display visitors by device, operating system, browser, country and city. QR code generator have some in-depth information like visitor gender, age, visitor’s interests and In market interests.

Sync with Google Analytics

Your dynamic QR codes can also be connected to Google Analytics to get an in-depth analysis of the campaign. offers an easy way to do it with only a few clicks.

Go Lean

Apply the concept of Lean Management to your QR campaign. By studying the evolution of your current campaign, you will understand your visitors behavior, knowing if it’s time to change the call-to-action or content of your QR code.

A Glimpse Into Global QR Code Stats

By, for 2015

Statistics QR codes Operative systems
Statistics Audience QR Codes
Statistics Interests QR Codes
Statistics In Market Interests QR Codes

Why are QR Code Statistics So Important?

We have delved into what makes a QR code campaign enticing and productive, but in order to prove its success it is important to know how well it is performing. Stats will do that for you, giving insight and helping to know better your target audience. More so, in terms of marketing efforts and costs, stats will help benefit from real time numbers that demonstrate how your overall campaign is working. Keep always an eye on your ROI!

Now, let’s create your first dynamic QR code:


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