Why Use QR Codes

3 Ways to Connect the Physical World to the Digital One

Unlike QR codes, Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication have not yet been established as standards and are budget eaters. QR codes on the other hand are extremely low budget and widely supported.

Augmented Reality

Superimposes a computer-generated layer on top of the user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Near Field Communication

Is a short-range wireless connectivity tech that enables communication between devices when they’re brought within a few centimeters of each other.

QR Codes

A popular mobile-friendly technology typically used for storing URLs or other information, read by a smartphone’s camera.

AR vs NFC vs QR Codes

Google Trends Comparison

It’s easy to see that QR codes double in popularity its nearest competitor, NFC:

Google trends qr codes

More and more mobile devices come with QR readers already installed

Which means that consumers are aware of this tool and are willing to scan codes (as long as the content is interesting!)


QR codes are budget friendly

Regarding the costs, with uQR.me’s QR code generator you can subscribe to affordable plans that offer lots of features and the possibility to create dynamic QR codes without limit. That is, the content the QR codes will target may be changed as many times as you need, without having to create a new QR code or reprint your existing material.

QR codes can be customized

The design is extremely important. Originally, QR codes could not be altered because it risked not working at all. Today, a QR can be customized by inserting a logo, changing its colors, smoothing the edges and much more.
QR codes types

QR codes allow instant access to any information

While the use of QR codes prevails in marketing, many people adopt QR codes in their daily life, for example, to access to information of their belongings, facilitating the creation of an inventory, or by sending a greeting card for a loved one.

QR codes are here to stay.

Although naysayers of QR codes refer to the tecnhology as obsolete, the reality is that the lack of knowledge and misuse is what leads to a poor marketing campaign, not the technology itself.

More and more companies decide to include QR codes in their marketing campaigns, discovering new uses and showing that QR codes are still productive. They are used in many fields like medicine, public transport or social activities. QR codes integrate into society and promote instant content.