QR Code’s Multiple Functions

Discover the many utilities of QR codes.

QR Code to Website

The most common use of QR codes is to redirect visitors to a website/online content. It is by far the easiest way to funnel them to a specific content without having to ask them to type large urls into their devices.

QR Code to Mobile Page

It’s crucial that the contents where you are redirecting your visitors to, are mobile-friendly. uQR.me QR code generator will provide you with a tool to create and customize a free mobile-friendly page in a snap.

QR Code to vCard

Using a QR code on a business card can add your information to your visitor’s phone contact list in no time. And if the QR code is dynamic, you can change your personal data without having to reprint the material(eg: business cards).

QR codes to Facebook & Co

Increase the engagement in your social networks by adding Like and Tweet buttons in a QR code. Use it in business cards, shops, packaging, flyers, billboards and more.

QR code to YouTube Video

Share YouTube videos through a QR code can be very productive, ranging from video tutorials to video clips.

QR Code to Downloadable File

A code can display information and act as a download link. Any type of file is valid and with uQR.me you have up to 5 MB per file.

QR codes to PayPal Payments

You can now accept payments or donations through QR codes. For example, use this technology for your customers to transfer payments through a PayPal account.

QR Smart Redirection

Send your visitors to specific contents, depending on their mobile operating system, geolocation, or date/time. It’s really handy for apps downloading and marketing campaigns.

QR Code to Google Maps

Lead your visitors to a custom Google maps mobile experience with the full destination info, and make sure they’ll get where you want them to go.